Thursday, September 28, 2017

Garden Thursday

Hello and Welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.

The hots are gone! Yipee, we are all happy, the windows are back open and we can all breathe the nice cool airs. More like the fall it really is. 
 Ducky gets to make a special appearance, mum brought up a thing from the dungeon that she could put the mum's on. She hoped they would all fit on it, but no.
 So here is the yellow one sitting in the top level, mum hoped to get the other two on other levels but they all have such a big flower heads they would get smooshed.
 So mum decided to leave two of them on the little table, they she tried it another way. Put the purple one in the stand, the yellow and orinch ones on the little table.
 So far the little bunneh is leaving them alone, the bun isn't big enuf to reach them up this high. With one moved off the table, they aren't likely to get bumped off by something.

That is all for this week. Love, Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.


  1. Lovely flowers - and a bonus pic of Ducky!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. hay ewe galz N waves two ewe dood !!

    de hotz leeved town heer two N we iz mite tee thanx full for that !!

    mumz flowerz R lookin soooper grate; tell her a wee sprinklin oh babee
    powder on de topz shuld keep de harez a way frum eatin yur flowerz ~~~~

    knock on wood itz werked heer ~ ♥♥

  3. Smart thinking on your mom's part! They are so pretty! May the best team win tonight!

  4. Beautiful pictures of Mum's Mums !

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous ! Claire is a little bit behind with the garden, but your pictures remind her that she has to do something ! Purrs


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