Thursday, September 21, 2017

Garden Thursday - We Are LATE!

Welcome to Garden Thursday with Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur. Mum went off to sleep last night and didn't help us with our report. We will amember this for your purr-formance review.

Well, it was storming last night, so maybe that made her forgets, then again, maybe it is becuz she is an old, forgetful mum!

On to garden things. First, mum bought some mum flowers to put outside on Caturday. So we have something nice to look at in the fall. Mum put them at the bottom of the stand that holds the small fevver feeder.
 Here they were sitting inside the metal monster room for a bit. Besides the nice one that is already flowering good, the other two are more of a rust and maroon colors.
 So they had been sitting out when on Monday when mum got up she notice our local little bunneh by the flowers and the bunneh was eating them! Hey, stop that.
 Funny thing, it doesn't eat the actual flowers, just the stems. But if you biggify the pictures you can see the flowers on the ground, uneaten.
Then when mum got up this morning, she found the fevver bath knocked over. Likely the sqwerls did this. She will be out later to make it right. Plus you can see mum put the mum's on top of the little stand so the bunneh can't keep eating at them.
The sqwerls are getting a bit silly this time of year. Looking to put foods in places they can come back to visit and eat it later. Mum spied something last week out front. A black walnut, sitting on the stone ledge of the house! 
 Did you spy it in the picture above, or do we need to give you a closer pic? Here it is, just sitting in the sun.

 Even closer shot that same day above, then below a shot from Monday, it was still there. Likely the sqwerl forgots where he hid his foods!
 Hers is another one where it has broken into the outer and inner shell to eat the nut inside. Mum says they have to find these things far away and bring them here. We don't have a black walnut tree in our yard or even really close! She knows of one several blocks away.
So lots going on  here, sorry we were late, we blame mum!

See you next week. Love, Virginger, Glimmer, Trooper and Fleur.


  1. hay ewe gals....we due knot think mumz mumz iz gonna
    bee safe frum de nayborhood hare even on that table;
    round heer they stand on ther hindz ta get ta stuffz
    two feet up ~~~~~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    happee week a head ☺☺♥♥

  2. Disappointing about the bun eating the plants. Their flowers are lovely, though.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. That silly rabbit! We hope he finds another restaurant. Maybe that squirrel will carry him off to some far away house in between nuts!

    We love the fall flowers!

  4. You may end up with a black walnut tree - we have a couple that are thriving after the squirrels planted them !

  5. You should show that rabbit and those pesky squirrels who is the boss, Ducky ! Purrs


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