Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tuesday This and That

Yep, finally the company showed up, thankfully they only stayed for dinner! No staying overnight and taking up my extra napping spots.
 Getting ready, she move the table away from the wall so she could open it all up for peoples to sit and have enuf room for foods. She had lots of foods to serve.
 All the glassware washed out and ready to go, below she had the serving pieces out for the salad, chips and brats.
 Say, aren't you going to serve any good kitty furiendly foods? I would like some you know. Since I am a shy guy, I didn't hang around much while they were here. I did venture to the big window to the floor while they were having drinks outside. Mum said hello, I meowed and then took off until everyone had left.
 So what did she serve, well, she didn't take pictures during the dinner. So here are pics of the leftovers. Crunchy veggies along with a fruit salad, watermelon, black razzberries and golden kiwi.
 Brats were the meat, they all got eaten. Dessert was angel food cake, with peaches and red razzberries along with whipped cream. Mum had enuf left over that this is what she had for brekkie this morning! Plus she was nice and gave me some whipped cream to lick.
 Mum got all the dishes done on Monday, today she put them away in their spots. She even reorganized the day to day cupboard for better access to stuff.
So we are both tired, I thinks we need a nap! We had a bizzy weekend.


  1. It sounds like a nice dinner, and not too invasive for too long.

  2. Sounds like a nice dinner for the people. We thought we were going to see a pic of you sitting in the bowl. MOL

  3. Looks like a lovely dinner. I hope you and your mum have had plenty of rest now.

  4. Cake for brekkie? Wow - that's naughty of your mum.

    Perhaps she's going to give you something really special today to make up for the intrusion?

    Sydney, Australia

  5. We LOVE that your Mama had cake for brekkie and even better that YOU got some whipped cream too! YUM!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. We are glad ya got some wipped cream. Fruits arent our stuff!

  7. Whew, that sounds busy indeed!!!

    And whipped cream is NOMMY.

  8. Whipped cream, yum. You deserve a long nap after having the commotion of guests in your house.

  9. I hope you sampled some of the whipped cream. Mousie used to 'sample' plain yoghurt and got it all over her nose.


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