Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Pirate Day

Ahoy my mateys! Welcome to Pirate Day. Our cruise on the Good Ship Sassycat will be leaving soon. It will be smooth sailing, we will be avoiding all of the stormy areas.
 First I want to pay tribute to my late, grate bro, Derby. He was a mighty fine pirate and taught me all I know about pirate ships and guiding it on the high seas.
 So grab a hat to join in. We be searching for treasures on the high seas. Keep alert looking for any wayward ships that we can take over and plunder for goodies.
 Aye, I be having my pirate patch on. I have a mighty sharp eye for goodies and I think I spy a treasure chest ahead.
 Yep, treasures for us. We can cellybrate our good fortune, and get lots and lots of treats!
Day is off to a good start. Don't be afraid of the day. Iffn, you don't want to help our, well, ye be walkin' the plank!


  1. But those treasures don't look like they'd be particularly interesting to pusscats, Ducky. I think you're be more excited by real live dead cow, fish and chicken, wouldn't you?

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Ahoy maties! May we meet in the ports and share some Nipgrog!

  3. dood ya look feerce ~~~~~~ happee pie ratz day two ewe ~~~~ ☺☺

  4. Arrrgh. We'll be joinin' you in yer search fer treasure, Cap'n Ducky.

  5. Arrrgh !!!!
    Captain Ducky, lift th' tail!
    Let`s do 't ! Let`s find th' booty !

  6. you make a very fine pirate, Ducky, as did your brother Derby.

  7. what a pawesome pirate you are and look at all of that bounty!!! catchatwithcarenandcody


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