Monday, December 4, 2017

ManCat Monday

A cat is an example of sophistication minus civilization - Anonymous

We had another beauty-full day on Sunday. More sun and sun puddles for me to take advantage of, so I could do a nice sunny baff and then a nap. 
 Yeah, we must all keep our nether regions clean. Yes, mum had to take a pic showing that I am keeping myself in tip top shape!
 Mum finally started to get the inside Christmouse stuff out. Just a few things for now, but we have bright lights inside too.

Feetsball Reeport

Bucky Badger - Mum surprized me on Caturday evening. I figured she would be home yelling at the moving picture box during the Bucky Badger feetsball game. No, she went off to a surprize party for someone's 50th purrthday. She didn't get home until late. Our Bucky losted the game so won't be playing for the national championship. Oh well.

The Pack - well they managed to pull a victory out of the jaws of defeet! It took them to overtime to do it, but they won with the new Brett, the QB sub. If things go well our regular QB ARodg might be back to play.

Have a good week everyone!


  1. That's a very thorough bathing routine you've got there Ducky.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Well, our mom took the few fall decorations down but decided to wait on the Catmas ones. She did get a tabletop tree last week but has yet to figure out where to put it to keep it out of harm's way. (Forget it, Mom, there is no place like that.)

  3. Ducky, really...?
    How would she like it if you published photos of HER taking a bath, huh?

  4. These mom beans...they know no boundaries. Glad you enjoyed your bath though.

  5. A bath in the sun....what could be better?

  6. Absolutely nothing better than a nice baff in a warm sun puddle!

  7. After all that sunbathing, I'd need a nap, too!


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