Thursday, December 21, 2017

Throw Back Thursday

  Happy Solstice Day everyone. Officially at 10:28 AM Central Standard Time or 16:28 UCT. You can figure out what time that is at your house! We have gained three minutes on the sunset but are still losing time on the sunrise. Our latest sunrise doesn't come until next week and then stays there for about a week.
Mum did her garden test, all of her books in front of her, and the yellow sheets are the test. She knuckled down on Monday and did it. Then dropped off her answers at the office on Tuesday. Now she waits to see how she did. I think she will do just fine, but she said some of the questions were tricky. If you rushed through them you could answer them wrong.

Continuing the theme we go back 10 years to Derby and his Funky Fang Shui post.  Looking at that plant you wouldn't think mum had any type of green fingers! MOL!

 Funky Fang Shui Friday from December 21, 2007

Inspect all growing and non-growing items in your vicinity. Eat those that give you good vibes, use rest as your Zen garden.
Yep, this one should be part of my Zen garden. Mum had this plant when I first moved in but over time I played with it too much and finally mum threw it out. Then she got a fake plant instead.

Mum said she won't have to go into work until after Christmas, so lots of mum time for the next few days. Yipee. Plus mum says she got a plant from her boss for Christmas, but she is leaving it at the office, so I won't eat it. Hmph. Probably not really worth eating!

We have had some sun and slightly warmer weather, so the snow is melting some. Not enough to make the snow all go away, but enough that mum is happy to see bare spots on the roof of the house. Plus it is supposed to get rain and then snow over the weekend.

All of our purrs must have worked, mum has not been all sneezy today. So she says lots of rest, more sleep and such for the next few days. That will help her feel lots better real soon.

The LOOOONNNNGGGGG holiday weekend is here!


  1. Good on your mum for getting stuck into her test. I hope she did well.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. I think those Fang Shui posts are awesome! I hope you human did well on her test.

  3. Curious to know what kind of test your mom has taken, Ducky!

  4. We cross our paws for your mom ! Purrs


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