Thursday, December 28, 2017

Throw Back Thursday

 Happy Thursday! Super cold here, it is been below zero Fahrenheit overnight and not getting into double digits in the positives. Hopefully it will warm up soonest. Here is me sitting on mum's lap the other day and what it looked like outside. BRRRRRR. Mum has only gone out a little bit, like to feed the fevvers and fill out their water bath.

 Plus I found this pic on her phone. She was off to visit her furiend for Christmouse dinner and she got to see Shelby, the Irish Terrorist. Shelby is getting to less of a terror as she gets older, but while mum was there she stole a cookie off the cookie plate. Bad doggie!

So what was Derby up to back in 2007? Playing in the water!

Fung Fang Shui Friday from December 28, 2007

Test all clear liquids carefully, don't expose yourself to dangerous depths of water.
I am just tasting what is coming out of the tap. Tastes OK to me. I do have to be careful in the hot rain room. But I have learned that once all of the gurgling stops, then the water is gone and I can jump in to the tub and I won't get my paws too wet.

Plus you don't want to get into other liquids, that are not drinkable, if you know what I mean. Like the humans litterbox thingy. Blech.

WooHoo, it is the weekend already!! Nice thing about holiday weeks, the beans don't have to be at work as much. They can stay home and play with us.


  1. Those terrieriests are bad food thieves!

  2. That Terrorist looks like a real terror. Keep warm, won't you Ducky!

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Brrrr! I bet you are glad you are an indoor kitty, Ducky!

  4. We hope she didn't come home with that terrorist smell on her hands! That would be very bad.

    That Derby! Did he teach you how to do that, too?

  5. Brrr, that's cold ! Stay warm, Ducky ! Purrs

  6. That is a nice throwback for Derby. Eric used to love playing with water from the tap too.
    Below zero is far too cold! We went away for a few days over Christmas and when we woke up yesterday there was 3 inches of snow outside. It looked lovely, but not so good for driving nearly 200 miles home.

  7. We are hoping TBT orders a heated birdbath. We want our snacks (er) bird-friends to get their drinks all winter. All water is frozen right now (12F).

  8. I'm glad you are staying warm inside while your mom tends to the birds.
    Cute photo of Derby playing with the water. Raven is fascinated by the faucet but she just can't figure out how to get the water!


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