Thursday, December 14, 2017

Throw Back Thursday

We have been having little bits of snow every couple of days. Not much, but the ground is white. Mum got to and from her final class on Monday in one piece. The snow missed us and the roads were fine. Now she just has to take the test, open book, and send it in.

Emma & Buster wanted to know what was going on in the first pic on Monday's post. That is Derby, doing a stretch and dangle of his hind paw. How do I know it is Derby, white paws, mine are orich!

Mum is making grate progress on the crow-shay blankie. She insists it will be done by Christmouse.

Fang Shui Friday 
from December 14, 2007

Tails can tell tales. Careful on what you say without words. I was probably telling mum to leave me alone. Can't she see "I want to be alone." I love attention, but I want it, when I want it. Sometimes when she wants to pay attention to me, I would rather be napping or doing something else. Here I am helping mum get my Secret Paw box ready. I had to stand on it to get it shut with all of the goodies we put in. Mum promised that this will go to the station today to my furiend! I sure hope my Secret Paw enjoy the goodies. I can't wait to get mine! Mum has been working on sending out the Christmas cards. She hopes to get them done my Monday. She has her prezzie shopping done for Grampie and herself. Grampie does not shop, so mum has to buy her own prezzies. At least that way you get exactly what you want! Mum got a card from her friends and I have met them. Mum went to the Christmas market last Thursday with Miss Jane. At least I get greetings and a virtual belly rub. Oh yeah, mum did rub my belly extra, just for Miss Jane.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. It was good to see you getting into the Christmas spirit in that throw back pic, Ducky. Great work!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Are you SURE your human is retired, Ducky? It sounds like she is doing lots of stuff!

  3. Love the throw back, love it when all you see is a cute little tail!

  4. dood...typing on a cell phone with a connection speed of SNAIL, just wanted to say hope you and your family have a very merry christmas and a happy healthy 2018❤️

  5. Love that curled up look, Ducky! And what a fun memory with your old bro.


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