Monday, December 18, 2017

Mancat Monday

The great open spaces where cats can be cats. -  Don Marquis

Oh give me a home where the cats can all roam, 
Where we have red dots and mousies for play. 
Where the "NO" word is not heard, on the counters we play
and the sky is sunny all day.

Mum's attempt at a song, I guess it is OK, just riffing off the open spaces thing.

Yeah, is could have used some sunshine this weekend, but didn't get any. Cloudy and gloomy all weekend. Mum was home with me, didn't go anywhere, says she wants to avoid the crazy peoples at the stores. Mum noted that we gave gained two minutes from our earliest sunset. Now the shortest time between sunrise and sunset, the solstice, will be Thursday, but we are getting time back on sunsets. A minute every 2-3 days.
 Mum started another crow-shay project. She tried another pattern and it looked icky, so she is back to her tried and true patter. Says she is making this from cake, looks like yarn to me!
 Yeah, I hear the flashy box, let me alone to nap. OK? You know I need my beauty sleep as much as you do.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - well, ARodg came back from his broken collar bone, but he sure didn't look that great, rusty and just not in tune. Threw to the wrong guys three times. Plus the defense looked so-so too. So they lost, which mum says OK. If some team from Hot-lanta wins Monday night they are totally out of the playoffs and mum hopes that happens. Let him rest and get really healthy and strong.

One week to Christmouse. Happy week everyone.


  1. I'm glad the days will be getting longer soon - I want more time to go out back!

  2. I will be glad to see the longer days come back again.At the moment, sunset is 4.14pm here. By Saturday it will be 4.16pm. Slow but sure!

  3. So pretty! We're really into the short, dark days here with all our rain clouds. Our Mom and Dad like the gray clouds and rain but only up to a point!

  4. Ducky, you've got to learn to sleep right straight through those photo ops!

  5. We actually like the short days. More time to cuddle with Mom!

  6. We had cloudy weather it's actually a little warm, at least for December, in the 40s and all our snow is melting and real slushy.

  7. It looks like yarn to me, too, Ducky. The solstice can't come fast enough for me. I don't like short days. We still don't have any snow.

  8. Sorry my friend but Atlanta won (as I am sure you know)....the Lions are dangling by a few claws for a wild card spot........we're hoping!! catchatwithcarenandcody


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