Saturday, November 24, 2018


HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday. I hope my Mericky furiends had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mum was home until early afternoon, so we had lots of time to cuddle together and we watched a bit of feetsball too.

Then she headed off to her furiends house where she normally goes on T-Day. Plus since it is a bit of a drive she stays overnight. She took a few new pics of the birds cooking. See they do duck and not turkey. So six smallish birds instead on one big one. Two grills going and the hair dryer provides air to get the coals hot faster for cooking.
Inside while the birds were cooking there was lots of nibbles. Most everyone brought something to share with the rest of the gang. Mum's caramel and peanut coated grapes are at the upper right..
A closeup of mum's nibbles. She said they ate about half of them and she came home with the remainders. So she can have them to nibble on at home.

So the six ducks are done and the nibbles cleared for space. The skin gets all crispy but the meat stays juicy from the fat. So you get both sides.
The first duck getting carved. Mum says they usually stand there like vultures to get pieces of the skin. Since there were so many peoples there (18) that they shooed peoples away for room. Not to worry, there was lots of meat pieces with skin on them in the service dish, so mum got her fair share.
She came home on Friday morning and just hung out with me, not doing much of anything during the day. The fevver feeders got refilled and a guy came to blow the leaves off of our roof, then he nicely also cleaned off the patio and front porch for us.
Mum also started with the peanut brittle for the year. She says she is going to make less this year. Not as many people to give batches too. Or she gives them smaller batches. She caught me licking some butter off the sheet! Oh well, good thing I am so cute, she forgives me!
Happy rest of the weekend guys.


  1. Yum, those burds look tasty, as do all the nibbles. We have nefur seen grapes like that before.

    Good work Ducky on getting a bit of butter. We like it too! Have a great Caturday!

  2. Those ducks look tasty. I am not over fond of turkey but I love duck.

  3. You are very very cute Ducky - two great pics of you in today's post. I hope your mum is going to find something really special to give you as a treat today.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. My human loves duck - and goose - way more than turkey! That sounds like an awesome feast.

  5. That last photo of you is pretty cute, Ducky!

    That looked quite a feast that your Mom enjoyed! And #1 says she loves peanut brittle!

    The Chans

  6. Those duckies sure do look scrumptious!


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