Thursday, November 1, 2018

Garden Thursday

Hello and welcome to the garden this week. It is now November, so not much at all going on growing wise. Mum has been slowly working  her way through the garden cutting down things and hauling the stuff off.
 It was windy early in the week, plus a bit of rain. So lots of leaves came down. Mum got rid of them and pushed them out to the street.
You can sort of see the pile at the bottom of this picture, but it is bigger now. Mum didn't take a new picture after she finished yesterday afternoon.

We got through trick or treat yesterday, mum didn't even lock me in her room. I just stayed on my hammick and napped. Mum said we had about 30 kids, some pretty big kids!

Some day soon we will head inside for the winter, mum hasn't decided when to take us in.


  1. you are getting ready for winter and we are already having Summer.

  2. The leaves are just beginning to fall here, and I enjoyed the sound of the rain falling on the leaves covered the ground.

  3. Leaves are beginning to fall here. It's colder and it's been raining this week. Purrs

  4. That looks like a lot of leaves - your poor mum!

    Halloween isn't a big thing in Australia. We didn't have anyone come to our door.

    Sydney, Australia


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