Monday, November 5, 2018

ManCat Monday

Cat's eyes seem a bridge to a world beyond the one we know. - Lynn Holly

 So, sorta close up pics of me, above, and Derby below. Can you see our souls?
 Mum took off on Caturday afternoon for a dinner with some of her racy furiends, it ended up being an adventure!

Got to her furiends house, then they drove to the dinner spot. On the way home they were in a lane that made them get off into a rest stop area. It was confusing, construction area and a rainy night. As they drove through the rest area one of the tires went POP with a loud noise. So they were in a safe place and mum very nicely called on her emergency car service card. They had to wait an hour to have a guy come and put on the spare on. But since it is one of those donut spares they couldn't drive as fast. So about 90 minutes of extra driving and the previous waiting time. So mum says she didn't get to bed early and really didn't get an extra hour of sleep. Mum said she went to bed at 1 AM! Then she didn't sleep well either. Got up early, so they had early brekkie and mum was home by 10 AM.

Sports Report

The Pack - Played on Sunday night against TomB and the boys named Pat. First half was ok, second half the Pats got the better of The Pack. Mum wasn't upset or yelling at the moving picture box, she sort of expected the game to go the way it did.

To All of My Meriky Furiends - Your beans need to go and vote tomorrow if they haven't already voted!


  1. Oh Ducky, your eyes, and Angel Derby's as well, are just the most beautiful. That was quite the adventure your mom undertook. Glad she made out okay, but it's unfortunate she didn't quite get the sleep she should've. Try to have a good week.

  2. It sounds like your human had an adventure! My human will be going to the polls on Tuesday - she always shows up in person instead of mailing her ballot in.

  3. What a scary adventure for your mum! Thankfully she wasn't alone! Such soulful eyes you two have.

  4. Those are lovely close ups of you and Derby. I am glad your mum was in a safe place when the tyre burst. It could have been so much worse.

  5. She may not have gotten the extra sleep, but my goodness, how late she would have been without it !
    You and Angel Derby have wonderful eyes.

  6. Such lovely kitties! That whole tire episode exhausted me just to read about it!

  7. Not the best kind of adventure, was it? Those spare tires most cars have nowadays are quite lame!

    The Chans

  8. I'm glad that your mom is safe. And I think pusscats should be given the vote - or at the vest least, Humans with pusscats should get an extra vote. Agree?

    Sydney, Australia


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