Saturday, October 23, 2021


 HiYa Ducky here, Happy Caturday. Mum is up and already dressed for the day. At first I thought maybe she was doing racy cars but no. She is off soon to get her flu shot for the year. 

The other night me and mum watched a story on the moving picture box about bees, but when mum took one of the pics we also caught a cat!
Mum finished the scarf and hat for her furiend. She came over to try it on and them mum unraveled it and cut out the icky colors and redid it. So only the bright colors show up. Now to get it over to her so when it gets cold enuf she can wear it.
It did get a bit cold here, we have had frosting on the roofs for the past two mornings. Mum says it isn't that cold out. She hasn't pulled out her winter coat just yet.
I keep warm in my cat cut if I need some extra warms, or in my hammick by the heaty blowy vent. If I get too hot I hop up on my tower for a bit.

Hey, Tock-Tober was a grate success thanks to all of you who amember dear Derby by showing off your tocks. Love you all. 

Happy Weekend.!


  1. We watched that PBS show on bees too!
    The bee world is more violent that I knew.
    Did you notice the black cat that showed up in the background a few times?
    The Hubby doesn't understand why getting good 'tocks shots is impawtant, but I enjoy compiling them every year, in honor of Angle Ducky, and you too, Ducky!

  2. Happy Caturday, Ducky! My human got her flu shot last Monday, and her arm hurt for a few days, but now she's ready to go for a Covid booster! It's gotten chilly here too, for California. Winter coat weather here is when it drops to the low 50s (hasn't happened yet!)... yes, the humans here are wimps.

  3. Our peeps got there flu shot too Ducky. You sure look cozy in your heated bed.

  4. Hopefully I will get my flu shot next week. It should have been today but I have an MRI brain scan early on Monday and didn't want it right before that.

  5. We got our flu shots now we are waiting for our COVID booster.

  6. We watched the show on bees too.


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