Monday, October 4, 2021

Mini-ManCat Monday

After dark, all cats are leopards. - Zuni Native American Proverb

Mum was not happy one night after she turned off the lights. I decided to take a run and beat her to the sleepy spot. Well I scampered through her legs and she was spooked by me and I nearly tripped her. She didn't fall down, but she scolded me and said not to do it again. I will try mum!

Me just chilling out in mum's lap, one of my fav places. I get lots of loves from mum while I sit there. Sometimes if mum is doing crow-shay I sorta get in the way. She is afraid I will get poked in the eye when she uses her hook. She is furry careful and doesn't poke me, but she is still worried.

This was me on Caturday night. Mum was being all cultured by the moving picture box. Seems our local symphony had their first full orchestra concert in their new concert hall. The hall is a refurbished old movie hall, plus additions were done to make is suitable for music. Mum liked the music they played too. Maybe some day she will go to any actual concert. 

Feetsball Report

The Pack - played well and beat Big Ben and the steel boys. The other guys scored first but we scored more and more often. The announcers tried to make is sound like the steel boys could catch up but mum knew they wouldn't, so no bad words were yelled by mum. 

Have a wonderful week everyone



  1. Laz here: I am a crazy runner. I try to run between TBTs legs while he is walking but I crash into them all the time. I dont know where they will be.

    I'm still getting used to him...

  2. I like that photo with your legs crossed. Flynn had to try and beat me everywhere too.

  3. We must remember that most humans are not nimble as us, Ducky, so it's fairly easy to trip them!

    Tama and Benny

  4. dood....we iz laffin......we iz sorree we shuldna bee... cauz if mom did fall.....well.....that wood bee bad, spesh a lee if she dinna get ewe any food abulz for dinner ☺☺♥♥

    { we like ta due that heer two }♥♥

  5. Zorro does it all the time, and I'm amazed on how humans are still able to keep balance as they are tripping over him without stepping on him. Purrs, Pixie

  6. Yes, you must be careful not to trip the Mom, humans need help like that Ducky!

  7. Yeah, humans don’t like it when we get under their feet. They can get unsteady on their two legs. Maybe they should walk on 4 like we do. ~Ernie

  8. Funny how humans get spooked - and they think that it's mostly kitties who get spooked!

  9. Aww Ducky, you look so comfy with your crossed paw pose. Dad just mumbled something about knowing a few people who could use a poke in the eye with a crow-shay hook...

  10. "All cats are gray in the dark" is the proverb we are familiar with.


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