Monday, March 6, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

My kitten] is dressed in a tortoise-shell suit, and I know you will delight in her. - William Cowper

I'm dressed in my orinch furs, my natural attire! Me napping on Sunday, just enjoying the sun coming in the window. Having a grate nap until mum got the flashy box out.

We missed out on snowfall this past week and that made mum happy. Means no driving issues. But she was sneaky and called the stabby place on Thursday and they said come on in on Friday! No waiting!

So here I am waiting in the PTU, I stayed there until they made me come out by picking me up, then feeling my inside and listening to my insides too. Good thing was they didn't have to steal my bloods this trip. Plus I got my update rabies shot too. Good checkup so I don't have to come back for 6 months. Plus the good news is that I gained a whole pound since last fall.

Me and mum came home and watched the fevvers outside for a while. Hmm, that one seems to be a bit furry and not fevvers! This guy figured how to jump over the barrier that is supposed to keep him out!

 Our spring birds are back, but the weather guessers says we may get snow at the end of the week!

Oh well, have a good week everyone!


  1. The first couple of photos are really lovely, Ducky! We're glad the stabby visit was uneventful.

    The Chans

  2. We have rain, sleet, snow, sunshine, wind, and power outages.

  3. Glad your vetvsit went well Ducky. We missed a big snow too !

  4. dood..good nooze iz all wayz grate nooze and we R happee ewe got sum! 🐟❤️

  5. Mark's Mews: As much as we hate PTUs, we like yours. We have one with that door at the top too. That's best!


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