Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Officially these were my last check outs from 2022. During the year I checked out over $5K worth of books. I know I didn't read them all, but my library saves me money!

How to Break up with your Phone is some suggestions on how not to be addicted to your phone or what she terms as WMDs. Wireless Mobile Devices, or Wireless Mobile Distractions. Phone or tablet. I have always done some of the stuff she suggests. The phone does not go in the bathroom and very rarely into the bedroom.

The Love of My Life the husband works for a service that writes obituaries. When his wife is ill he starts researching her life. He finds a few surprises and wonders who he is actually married to.

Grace is written by a speech writer for President Obama and what happens during 10 days during June 2015. During that period the President gives comments on Supreme Court decisions and a moving eulogy.

The Other Wife is part of a longer series but I choose not to read the earlier books and this is fine as a stand alone. Book was published in 2019 and nothing new so far in the series. Plot? Older man in hospital with head injuries and in a coma. His son is called and as he gets to his father's bedside the woman there is not his mother. Who is she and did his father have a second family? Missing money from the family foundation. Who and why wanted the old man where he couldn't talk?

Confidence Man, really it could just read Con Man, all about The Donald! Written by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman who has covered The Donald for many years. Insight into his past and how it shaped him. His attitude for bullying people and the readiness to use legal means to harass people. I read the first part of the book on his early life closer than the second which was more on his presidency. 

Happy Reading.


  1. Ooh, I have been known to read the ending of a book in the past, but have learned that I prefer the mystery of not knowing.
    I've even unfollowed a few of my favorite authors, when they have a new book coming out, to avoid even the whiff of a spoiler.
    This is especially hard with my British writers, because the books come out months ahead in the UK, than here in America.
    It's downright diabolical, making me wait when lots of others have already read the book!

  2. My dad says he wouldn't want to spoil a book by reading the end first. He likes not knowing.


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