Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

Into spring, by a day or so. A little warmer, some sun and rain to come in the next few days. Lots of watching sports this past week. NCAA basketball, NIT basketball, NCAA Women's Frozen Four, NASCAR. Phew. Baseball starts soon too. 

Although with lots of TV watching means I also work on my crochet projects. The latest lap robe. I like this yarn and it comes in additional colors. So when I need to buy more yarn I may try another color or two. I have enough yarn to get me through at least two years! I am trying to do my best and not be too much of a yarn-a-holic!

Had some fun at the library joining in with friends to play trivia once a month. Are we smarter than the librarians? Right now the public is tied with them. Then a talk on Notre Dame in Paris and the symbolism of all the figures and how the restoration is progressing.

The Crime that Binds, the latest in the Bookmobile Mystery series. Our heroine doesn't find the body in this book, but she does help in finding the killer.

The Social Graces a fictional account of the relationship between Caroline Astor and Alva Vanderbilt in the late 19th century.

Overkilt latest installment of the Liss MacCrimmons mysteries. A weird cult seems to have invaded the town.

Moonshot, a book written by the CEO of Pfizer about the company's development of their version of the Covid Vaccine.

The Nature of Fragile Things, a mail order bride, a secretive husband, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Who is telling the truth?

All About Me! My Remarkable Life in Show Business a memoir by Mel Brooks  Written in a nice breezy style, full of stories on his personal and show business life. A fun read.

Happy Reading


  1. I will be spending time in trains, planes, and hotels over the next few days, so the perfect opportunity to read undisturbed!

  2. When I read while in bed or on the futon, it's an invitation to the cats to come and snuggle up with me.

  3. That came out great. Very pretty colors.

  4. Apparently, my dad and mom are kind of book nerds, too. Dad gets into them a little more, though. He was grumbling this morning when he woke up "late" (to him, 5:40 is late, even for a Saturday) because he wanted us to get on here to blog & comment but wanted to continue with what he says is a real good novel. Blogger won out!


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