Monday, March 20, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

There are two escapes from the miseries of life: music and cats. - Albert Schweitzer

That means mum isn't miserable, cuz she has me and she plays her tunes too!

Me snoozing in the front window, soaking up the sunshine. Gotta recharge my batteries, you know we kitties are solar powered. 

Mum says today is the vernal equinox, where the sun is directly over the equator, on its way back to us in the north. Yeah, we have had some sunny days, but on Caturday we also had cold temps and snow showers. Supposed to be nicer during this week. We want warms to have open windows.

Mum has been bizzy with the crow-shay, this is the one she finished a couple of weeks ago and she is almost done with another. Lots of time to crow-shay cuz she is watching all sorts of sports.

Lots of sports, mum bounced between racy cars, basketball with brackets, Bucky Badger playing in the NIT and Lady Badgers winning the hockey first place. Plus mum says there are Cinderfella's playing.

Plus she has been reading a big, fat book on the early kings and queens of England. Some guys called Plant-agents. Mum is almost done, she is setting time aside every day and says she has to read at least pages a day so she can take the book back later this week. 

Everyone have a good week. 


  1. You should soon be recharged lying in the sun, Ducky. We have heavy rain for the start of spring, and it is forecast all week.

  2. Ducky, you are enough!
    Our friends in Australia are now in Autumn; it's weird, no?

  3. Did my earlier comment go through?
    Yay Spring, Ducky...YAY!

  4. Yes, happy spring, Ducky! Can't come soon enough for me, too.
    I love the Albert Schweitzer quote, but how could he have omitted books from his list?

  5. Lovely photos, Ducky! Did you know, Ducky, that the old part of the city of Le Mans, not very far from us, is called "Plant Agents City" (cité Plantagenet in French)? It is an amazing restored medieval quarter, well worth a visit.

    The Chans


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