Monday, March 27, 2023

Mini-ManCat Monday

 My husband said it was him or the cat ... I miss him sometimes.

Mum doesn't have one of those husband thingy types. She has me as her man, even if I am a man-cat!

We got more of that white stuff this past weekend. Enuf already, although mum says it won't last long. You can see we didn't get much white stuff early, but this last month has been really bad. Heck, we were down to one small snowy patch when all this stuff came.

Mum and me did our usual stuff. Reading, napping, crow-shay, laundry, eating. Well I mostly did the napping and eating. Plus the sports watching, but she didn't do as much of that as last week. No teams she really cared about, she would tune in towards the end of the game to see who won. 

Oh yeah, cuz of the snow mum puts some extra dried worms out for the robins. So they had to come really close to get some foods. I had bird TV up close!

Me on mum's latest blankie. She is on the last part of this so it should be done in the next week. 

Plus it is the last few days of the month. Caturday is Fool's Day for April!

 See you next week. 




  1. Da Boyz have been watching birdies out every window they can get themselves into, Ducky...and we humans love to watch as their tailios whip around.

  2. I hope your snow soon goes away! The birds have bee4n singing their heads off the last 2 or 3 weeks. My sparrow friend is back! I recognise her because she is lighter coloured than usual and stands very tall. I haven't seen her since before Christmas and thought the hawk must have got her. She stands on the hedge or the greenhouse and watches me. I was very pleased to see her again.

  3. We wanted to thank you for visiting and your kind words about Izzy.


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