Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

The rest of my holds came in and I found two books on the Lucky Day shelf. One of which I had on hold but was about 300 in the queue. 

Had lots of time to read lately. Staying home while they put in a new furnace and AC. All set for summer cooling and winter heat. That took about 5 hours and in that time I was able to read a book!

 Murder on the Menu another cozy mystery. A former London Met Police officer gives up the police life in London to return to her home town to run a catering business and raise her daughter. First catering job is to provide food for her old boyfriends upcoming wedding, but the bride disappears and the groom's ex is found dead. Can our catering person leave the police work to the police?

To Marry and to Meddle set in the 1820's London, two people agree to marry to get their parent's off their backs and perhaps forge new relationships with the same parents.

Verity is a thriller. A well known author is hurt in an accident and her publisher and husband hire a ghost writer to help finish off the last books of the series. When the female ghost writer shows up at the secluded house to go through papers she finds an unpublished manuscript that reveals many family secrets. Then weird things start happening around the house.

Lessons in Chemistry. This was the one that had 300+ holds on it and I was way up there in the holds. Glad to see on the Lucky Day shelf. I had added it to my list a year ago! Chemistry, heck any science was a hard field to be in for a woman in 1950-60's, but Elizabeth does her best. Working on chemical bonds and chemistry between humans.

Happy Reading.


  1. I must get your opinion of "Verity"!
    My sister read it on her book club, and she asked me to read it too, so she could discuss it.

  2. I've just checked to see whether Murder on the Menu is held in my local library. Nup. The only novel by Fiona Leitch that they have is "A Body at the Bake Off". It's book 5 in the series. Why? Why purchase a book in a series when it's #5???

    Sydney, Australia


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