Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

A bunch of cozy mysteries, newer authors to me so trying them out. Lots of time to read, other than sports not much on television. Trying to do anything outside is hit and miss. Some because of the heat, other days poor air quality.

By Book or By Crook and Booked for Trouble are the two first books in the Lighthouse Mystery series. A 30-ish librarian comes back to the Outer Banks area of North Carolina where she spent her summers as a child. Escaping Boston, Harvard and a nearly arranged marriage, she meets up with two handsome men, a cop and the mayor! 

Mail-Order Murder and Tippy Toe Murder, the first two books of the Lucy Stone series. Actually Mail-Order Murder was also published as Mistletoe Murder which I had already read. Why they changed the title I don't know. But I checked it out not realizing that.  This series has a long list of titles and I did add them all to my list of books to read. The series was first started in the mid 1990s so lots of time to cover. Have to remember when I read these cell phones weren't all over the place!

Also the author Eva Gates writes under another pen name, Vicki Delany. I tried some of those books and didn't care for the style. Strange I like one set of books and not another by what is really the same author. 

One of the books I recently checked out still had the old paper inside where they used to stamp the due date! The book was published in 1997 and since people are still reading it they library has kept their copy. It is an early book of a series that is still being written and published. Kind of cool to see this.



 Happy Reading


  1. There is a company that uses the old check-out stamp forms for t-shirts, totes, and socks. I remember stamping in those when I worked in the library in junior high school.

  2. It looks like you have a good selection of "cozy" books.


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