Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

It has been so nice outside I haven't been reading much. Doing some outside yard work and just enjoying the fall warmth. Had a record high temperature of 82F on Tuesday. By the weekend it will be below freezing overnight. 

Have worked on crocheting but that is done while I have been watching the baseball playoffs. When I open the closet it looks strange that there are no blankets piled up. At least not yet it won't take long to get a few done.

The tree guys came last Friday too, so that is another fall thing done. I can see out the back to the walking trail again. The whole yard just feels less messy with all of the excess trees gone. 

On to the books!

Turkey Day Murder part of the ongoing series by Leslie Meier of which I got tired of after the first six of over thirty books. I didn't even read the book cover, it went directly to the return to library pile. I also decided to skip most of the books in the series and only have the four most recent books now on my TBR and spread out so I don't read one or more a month.

The Science of Murder is written by a British pathology technician and in the book uses what are now called forensics based upon Agatha Christie's books. Using examples from her many novels on how items like fingerprints, ballistics, impressions, blood spatter, autopsy and toxicology. While she refers often to various books, she doesn't give any spoilers. Fun read since I have been a Christie fan for ages.

His & Hers, OMG this was a real page turner and one with changes in the plot about every 10 pages. Anna, a BBC reporter is assigned to cover a murder in her old hometown. Jack, the detective assigned to the case knows Anna, but also knew the victim. There are two sides to every story, which means someone is lying. I had read a few other of this author's books and added the two I hadn't read to my list!

The Last Republicans, I would call this a joint political biography of the two Bush Presidents. Their relationship as father and son as well as President to President. Informative read. 


  1. Thank you - I'll go looking for some Alice Feeney in my local library.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. It's been unseasonably mild here too which is great as it saves on heating bills!

  3. Have read a few Alice Feeney books; good stuff.


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