Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

November was the month I read the fewest books in a given month in ages. Only 8, but then I was a little bit occupied with being in hospital for a few days. Yes, I did read some while I was there, but probably not as much as I would have at home. Plus holiday time and all that good stuff. 

Just one book, someone to drool over!

Paul Newman: Blue Eyed Cool is a collection of photos by six photographers that were taken at various times in Newman's career and also during some of his off screen time, like when he was doing his race car stuff. I can say I met him at Road American in the 1980s, with photographic proof!

That is me in the center front. How this came about was that the men on the grid had gotten hats from Pioneer one of his racing sponsors. So we ladies went down to the Pioneer bus and the guy came up with these visors. We asked his crew chief if he might agree to a quick photo and he agreed. I have never heard so many camera shutters going off before. It was probably all over in 15 seconds and then we went back to working the grid even, albeit with huge smiles on our faces!

Happy Reading.


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