Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Wonderful Wordy Wednesday

 Busy week with lunches with friends, haircut and such. Above average temperatures, no snow on the ground either. That is OK by me, then I don't have to shovel! I am no longer of the opinion that you must have snow on the ground for Christmas. 

Plus making a few more batches of peanut brittle to hand out when I see people. Plus working on Christmas cards. I'm slow at them this year.

Murder on the Rue Dumas, I enjoyed this second installment more than the first. Maybe because I knew the main characters now and could just follow the story. In this case they are investigating the murder of the head professor of the theology department. Was someone impatient to get his job or was it related to the fake art glass that he had?

Halloween Party Murder the physical book had three short stories in it, but I was only interested in the one by Leslie Meier. They weren't related stories. A woman is murdered by overdose while being a participant in a charity haunted house. Who supplied her the fatal drug?

A Pretty Deceit is the next Verity Kent book and brings the storyline from the previous book into this one. What happened to that boat that was missing and will Verity's aunt survive all the craziness of two deaths at her house.

The Spook in the Stacks it is Halloween season at the Lighthouse Library and some weird things are happening. Are they for real or is someone faking them?

Happy Reading.


  1. Really enjoyed the Verity Kent series on audiobook, and also the Lady Darby series by the same author.

  2. My dad says he loves that second graphic. He says he won't have enough time on this earth to read everything he wants to read. Cool Tee, too!


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