Friday, September 14, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

There are power places outside of your home. Trees are good for their wood energy, unless you climb too high and are unable to get down. If that is the case, annouce your predicament, and help will arrive shortly.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

Since I don't get to go outside, the highest place I can get is the top of the big cold box. Thankfully I can get both up and down without a problem. But when I am up there, I am tall than mum. Sometimes I try to get at the top of her head and put the bitey on it.

Flower Friday

Well, not exactly a flower, but the crabby apples on our crabby apple tree. Mum says they never get very big, and we leave them on the tree for the birdies. But mum says for the first time, we have so many little apples the tree branches are sagging. So a bumper crop for the birdies to eat.

Plus a thank you to Miles and Sammy Meezer. The gave me a "Nice Matters Award". I am not sure who started this, but it is to recognize kitties who do nice things for others or a special concern for our beans and other kitties.

I am very humbled to get this. I don't think I am doing much special, just being myself. Mum has raised me to be a good kittie and not just always think about myself. And as far as I am concerned everycat in the blogosphere deserves this. But my special nomination will be
The Crew!

Hope everycat has a wonderful weekend.


  1. Derby you look so happy up on the fridgerfrator!

  2. Derby, you are truly pretty. The kittens you saw at my bloggie long to be house panthers. I'm glad you came to visit my bloggie. I like yours very much.

  3. I wish I could get on top of the fridge. Their is nothing next to it to help me climb on it. It sucks.

    Congratulations on your award!

  4. Wow good spot congratulations on your award :)

  5. Derby

    We like to get up into high places too.One of the highest spots is on top of the cabinet that houses Daddy's stuff. HE freaked out when he saw me on top of it and now has blocked me from getting up there. I don't understand this, but he said something about the cabinet moved when I jumped down. So now I have to settle with our cat condo which is about 7 man foots tall.

    Your orange tabby buddy

  6. I am so pleased to be back for Fang Shui Friday. I live for this, you know, now that Kukka isn't writing! I think you look great up there. There's too much stuff on ours for me to jump up there. Someday I'll have to knock it all down...

  7. Concatulations on your Nice Matters Award. You are a very nice kitty and deserving.

    That is a cute picture of you on the refrigerator. Bouncey used to get up on our refrigerator too but now he is too old (shh, that is a secret).

    It is nice of your mom to leave stuff on the trees for birdies to eat. Our mom does that too!

  8. I sure wish I could climb a tree and get some wood energy.

  9. Dude, you're looking very tall today!

    We have lots of bushes with berries on them 'cause Mom tries to help out the birdies.

  10. What a good picture of you on the Big Cold Box!!
    Congratulations on your award, you certainly deserve it :)

    ~ The Cats

  11. Bet your Mom likes it when you put the bitey on her head,heehee.
    Good job on the award!

  12. I see wooden cabinets behind you, so you are getting some good wood energy when you climb up on the refrigerator. The crab apple tree next door to us is really loaded with crab apples, too. The birds are going to have lots to eat this winter. Congratulations on your award. You are a nice cat and deserve it.

  13. can you believe i've never been up on the cold box? mommy thinks it is weird cause almost all the other cats she knows get up there.

    i'm glad you put that stuff about trees on your feng shui friday post. mommy and daddy only have 2 trees in the yard and mommy wants more. cross your paws!

    we do have lotsa flowers for the bees, hummingbirds and butterflies tho.

    concatulations on your nice matters award. you deserve it!

  14. A handsome young lad you are! And, concatulations on your award.

  15. It looks mighty high up there, Derby!

  16. That is a really handsome picture of you up there Derby!

  17. I like the picture of you on the fridge, Derby!

    We have some big shrubs in our garden but not a proper tree, though mum would like one. (we have to dig up some of the big shrubs first). We have some quinces though, but not ripe yet. Not apples.

    I am not that good at climbing. It is a lot of weight at my rear end for my front paws to haul up. I can jump on the human bed no problem, that is about the highest thing I climb these days.

    Purrs, FE.

  18. you are furry tall when you sit on the fridge Derby ~The Fluffy Tribe

  19. I haven't figured out how to jump up on the cold box yet, but I am working on it!

  20. You are standing up so tall on top of that refrigerator! Pretty! (I mean handsome.)

    I like the colors in the crabby apple picture.

    Oh - and congrats on your award!

  21. Congratulations for finding the high spot in the house where you are taller than the Mom! That's a great place to be.

    Good on the award, too. Awards are cool!

    Skeeter and LC

  22. Congratulations, Derby!

    Hey, do you get all wigged out if your mum opens the freezer door when you're up there? My sister gets all wild when my mom does!


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