Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mum Time

I had a surprise today. Mum stayed home!

Last night she was putting the stuff that she uses to go play in traffic into the metal monster. So I expected her to get up early and be gone all day or even the whole weekend. But NO.

She didn't get up early, she only left once to take something over to Grampie. Then she worked outside keeping the yard looking pretty.

So what happened? Mum says that they called the event off as the tracked failed its safety inspection on Friday. One of her furiends called to let her know before she went to sleep on Friday.

Don't remember that call, but it has been nice to have mum around today. All of the traffic playing stuff got taken back out of the car today. I think she liked it too, as she is getting things done at home that she wouldn't have done if she wasn't able to be home.

So Yipeee for extra mum time today.


  1. That's such excellent news Derby. You look like you are enjoying yourself!

  2. I love it when My Lady stays home all day. It's the bestest!

  3. Yay for extra Mommy time! We got Mommy time AND Grandma time AND Uncle Roman time this weekend. It's a grate weekend all around. :)

  4. Great news for you, Derby. We hope you enjoyed your quality time with your mom.


  5. Oh that is so cool you got more Mommie time! Isn't that great?

    Skeeter and LC

  6. Thank you dearest friends for loving me so very much and sending me your healing purrrrs and purayers. I have eaten my dinner and drank some water. Mommy puts me in my litterbox and I go pee, then I scratch the carpet and headbunk her. I purrr as she puts me back into the frying pan. I hope she still likes me after I put a hole in her thumb...she should be faster with that pill thing!
    Love Peachy

  7. Derby, you look so happy to get some extra mom time!

  8. You look like you are really laxing. I love to lay on my back and stretch all out. Momma thinks it is cuz I have so much furs and get too hot.

  9. Hi Derby!! Wow... look at your belly. You MUST be relaxed and happy to show us your belly like that.

    I hope you had a good time with your mom.


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