Friday, September 21, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Loud noises are disruptive to feng shui. Avoid vacuum cleaners inside the home, and lawnmowers outside the home.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

Amen to no loud noises, but mum does use the sucking monster all the time here to keep things clean. The other monsters are not allowed in the house, like the snow and grass eating monsters. This is me, telling mum to keep the noise down!

My shelter is going to really expand to help out lots more kitties. They got a big donation of green papers last month some of which will be used to expand the shelter. Specially making more room for kitties as they now have more kitties than woofies. It is a nice shelter now, this will make it even better.

The story talks about how crazy the main lobby is and it is true I remember the day mum picked me up. Lots of people as they were doing a fund raiser walk that day, lots of woofies around. I was happy to leave, not just to come to my furever home, but get away from the noise.

Flower Friday

These are Black Eyed Susans. This picture was taken about sunset so the bright yellow makes the flowers stand out.The birdies like to eat the seeds of this plant. So we see all sorts of birdies flying around these flowers.

It is the weekend gang, enjoy!


  1. Dearest Derby,

    Your photo must be in honor of the late, great Pavarotti. Are you singing from La Scala?

    O solo mio.........

    You are soooooooo cute.

    Skittles, The Huntress

  2. Nice to meet you, Derby! So, you're scared of the nasty sucking machine, too!!! So are we!

  3. Wise words, Derby! We indeed do try to avoid the inside sucky machine noises and the outside grass-killer noises.

    One cannot focus on the purpose of life while struck by sounds of strife.

    Skeeter and LC

  4. Hate hate hate the noisy things. BUT - what great news for your shelter!

  5. Noisy things are yucky. Our lawnmower is pretty quiet though - it's a manual push mower.

    How wonderful about your shelter. :) That's great news!

  6. the carpet sucking monster needs to meet an evil death. we hate it.

    that's great news about the shelter!

  7. Derby, I can hear you talking about the vacuum here! Wow you sure do have a voice, but you are right, noises are too disruptive... unless you are deaf like Georgia in which case you don't care..

  8. What an amazing donation for your shelter, that is fantastic news.

  9. We don't like the "sucking thing" either. TOO LOUD! We like the picture of you singing! Great teefies!

  10. Are you yawning because you're tired? My mum says thank goodness it is the weekend, she is tired because the new class of evil children has worn her out, so yay for weekend snuggling time with me!

  11. DKM loves those black-eye susan flowers.

  12. I hear ya on the noise issue. Now the roofers are working on the buildings next door. I thought I got rid of them once, actually twice.


  13. It looks like yer saying "I told yoo I would scream if yoo didn't stop that noise.

  14. We run when we see the sucking monster, you're brave to stay and yell at your mum!

    Yay for your shelter! Ours just got a brand new building 'cause the old one couldn't keep any woofies (they were all in foster homes) and it was really just one big room, now they have lotsa rooms!

  15. Love the photo, Derby.That's a big yawn!

  16. Great photo Derby. We just add to the noise when the sucky machine comes out.


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