Friday, September 28, 2007

Fang Shui Friday

Good landscaping is important. Overgrown lawns are bad feng shui. Eat all overgrown grass.

From Fang Shui by Catfucious, Peter Pauper Press, 2002.

Well I don't get to go outside to eat the grasses, so I just eat the stuff that mum grows for me.
Mum keeps the outside grass under control with the grass eating monster, so I guess we will have good Fang Shui here. Plus yesterday it got all noisy and these little white rocks fell out of the sky. Mum says this is hail and she took a picture when she got home from working. I mentioned that mum went to an art fair this past Sunday. This is what she got! Mum says the sign is furry true, she always wonders what I am up to when she is not here. Heck, sometimes even when she is here! Then this cute little pin of a ginger cat. Sort of looks like me!
Mum didn't buy this picture though.
Or this suitcase with kittie pictures on it.

About Grampie and the Harley. He just sat on it, he didn't actually ride it. He gave up driving a while back, so wouldn't even think about riding a bike. Mum says he is "Born to be Mild."

Flower Friday
Mum says this is a sedum plant, most likely Autumn Joy. Edsel posted on these and said the flowers looked like broccoli. Sort of, but mum says you wouldn't want to eat them. But the flowers start off as green then finally turn a pinkish red in the fall.

Hey, we made it to the weekend again. Hope everyone has a good one!


  1. wow hail!! we hadded lots of rain and boomies in the sky tonight

  2. We didn't have any rain here today but it's supposed to start again soon. Maybe this weekend. We have not had hail here this summer yet.

  3. Have a good grass meal~!!! Derby~!

    Wowww, that is a lot of cats on the case~!!!! Very impressive~!

  4. Hee, MomBean likes the coffee one!

  5. That's a very cute little cat pin. Your mom can wear it and think of you!

  6. Your mom got some cute stuff but she should have bought the cat suitcase. Our mom went, oh, oh, when she saw it.

    Those are very pretty flowers and they do kind of look like broccoli.

  7. Hahaha! Your Mum is good at finding things that look like mini Derbys.

    We have some of those seed-um things in our yard too.


  8. Oh, what a lovely looking pot of fresh grass! I need to ask Mom to get me some more


  9. You're a lucky cat that you have such a good Mom to grow you grass. We don't grow cat grass or nip for the kitties, but Ollie was eating my basil plant :-0 Occasionally, Ollie is a bad girl.

  10. heeeeeeeehehehe Purranoia! Definitely the humans should wonder what we's up to. hehehe Yummy looking grass too.

  11. I like what your Mum bought at the craft fair, they are both very cute.

    My Mum grows cat grass for me too, it is the only plant in our house that she hasn't killed yet. Well, actually she kills it on a regular basis, but she replants.....

  12. We love that kitty pin!!!
    Our neighbor lady has one of those broccoli plants. It gets lots of bumble bees in the fall.

  13. Your mom picked up soon lovely items at the fair! :) My humans tried growing cat grass for me once, but I mostly just ignored it.

  14. My human says sedum is good stuff because it attracts lots of honeybees, and the world needs more honeybees. So your Mum is doing good for nature with her sedum plant.

    But me, I'll take rye grass and catnip any day over sedum.

  15. Maybe your Momma should put in some cameras like they have at Wally World. Then she would know you are a good smiley boy all day and nefur get into anything.


  16. The hail must have been very loud!
    We like the picture and pin :)


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