Monday, October 11, 2010

ManCat Monday

We need a word for all the kitty-prints that are all over my windshield because the cats like to lie on my hood when the care is still warm. - Meghan Coughlin

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We continued to have wonderful weather and open windows. Here you can see the heat meter reading nearly 80 on Friday.
Mr Chippy running around looking for foods to hide in his winter den. He has been scurrying all over the place for days.
Even though we had nice weather on Caturday, mum was very good and worked more on sorting through boxes and the filing cabinet. She was even able to muscle the filing cabinet into where it is going to stay for now. Plus now she can get back into the closet in that room.
Mum says some of the fluffies will have to go, she just doesn't want to take up the bed space with them. That basket is full of fluffies which takes up a lot of room.
Hey, this is a blog for kitties, me and Ducky. Where is our pictures!?
Yeah, here is Ducky, he had mum all freaked on on Caturday evening. He wasn't around and mum couldn't find him for a while. She finally opened her sleepy room closet and he wandered out. He sneaked in there while she was putting her clothes away.
Me, just chilling on the back of the couch, keeping an eye on mum and Ducky.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - Lost in overtime. Mum was off playing with racy cars for the final time this year, so we didn't see the game

Grampa Brett and the ViQueens - Play the Jets on Monday night.

The Colts -They won.


  1. Greetings Derby and Ducky,

    What wonderful weather you are experiencing, it is mirroring what we had in Northern California here on Sunday.

    Looks like mum is is doing what dad needs to do around the house here.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  2. Sounds like yoo all had a busy weekend and awesome wevver.

  3. Oh, we'd like some of the warm weather. We're having glorious sunshine, but it's cool now.

    Your mum was very busy again! Tell her our mom could use some of her energy and motivation. LOL.

  4. Dang, mama could use that ambition right now for packing! Ducky, that was naughty of you to give your mama a scare (but we are laughing behind our paws).

  5. Wow! What a busy weekend. I am glad I got to snooze a lot.

  6. You two are warmer than we were! We've had open windows too, which is nice as we don't have to use the Cat flaps.
    Your Mum is a tornado! All her work makes US tired.

  7. Hi, handsome boys, hope you all have a fun week...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Hi Derby! Hi Ducky! It sounds like you had a lot going on there! We have good weather here too - of course we aren't that far from you so that makes sense! We like all the fluffys your mom has - our mom has a bunch too. They are good to snuggle up with when it is more chilly!

  9. Your mum is very busy. Bet she will be glad when it is all finished. We had sun today and the temperature got back up to mid 60's which we enjoyed.

  10. Having the same nice weather here too. Not sure how much longer it will last.
    I couldn't resist any longer. One of my tock photos is up now!

  11. We like Mr. Chippy....invite him in for lunch!

  12. we hadded nice weather for a while this weekend too!

    your the mom is doing a lot of werk. our the mom is 'barassed 'acaus she's been lazy


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