Friday, October 8, 2010

New Stuff

We had a mum day today! We didn't expect it. Mum left the house the same time as always this morning, but when she came back, not that much later, there were two guys and a truck with her.
Mum came in and put us in here sleepy spot and shut the door. When she opened it up again this is what we found in the empty room we had to wrassle in.
Another big big bed to sleep on and mum says she is happy the head board won't block the window.
Other pieces were along the other wall.
Mum started to get them pretty and I jumped up to check them out.
Bed getting made up, mum says now she has room for both Uncles Flip and Stormy to have beds if they are here at the same time.
Ducky getting into the act, see that cute stuffed thing. Mum says her Grammie made it and she has one and Grampie has one too. Three D quilting.
The stuff in place now, mum says just only minor tweaking going forward.
Bed all made up, mum even added a few fluffies to the bed after we took off.

Mum took advantage of the really nice weather and having the day off. First she opened lots of windows for us. She sat outside on the patio, first time in ages, read a book and sip a drink. Just chilled out for the afternoon. Then she got the fire grill going and fixed dinner outside. We got chick-hen tonight from the grill.

It is going to continue to be nice over the weekend, which means mum can open windows for us again. Whoohoo.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. The bedroom looks nice with the new furniture and a nice new bed for you to sleep on.

  2. Nice work! The room looks purrrfect for company. Let me in on a secret, make it your room. Looks really cozy.
    Have a question? I haven't been in touch with the blogging lately and am wondering if I missed Tocktober??? Please let me know. I just love this event!!!!

  3. Wow! Another bed for you guys to nap on!! And hurray for having the windows open!! We had our windows opened today too...and mom says we can have them open tomorrow too!!

  4. Nothing better than a brand new bed to sleep on! We are so happy you got open windows and extra Mum time...and that she relaxed a little today.

    We are doing a 'Tocktober post tomorrow!

  5. Great job helping Mom set up the new bedroom, it looks wonderful!...Chicken on the grill and open windows=you guys are already having a great weekend!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Wow, new stuff is great, isn't it? Sounds like it's going to be a great weekend at your house!

  7. What a great day you had! Your mum has done a great job; the guest room looks terrific!

  8. What a great day. Lots of new stuff to explore and a whole day with your mum.

  9. Thanks for getting back to me about Toctober. I will save mine and post on your birthday! I can hardly wait. Are you having a party??

  10. The bedroom looks very nice and cozy. We has to tell you thank you for saving our camera. We bets you didn't even know you did it Derby. See Mommy has been trying to get pictures of our tocks for you (we aren't cooperating) and Artemisia had the PURRFECT tock pose and Mommy went to get the camera and she remembered she left it at the Butterfly Garden cause somebody called her when she was watering plants and she had to come up to the house to get something for them. Anyway thanks cause knowing our luck even though it hadn't rained in a zillion years if Mommy left the camera outside it would.

  11. Wow, another bed to rest on--you guys are lucky! We're so glad your mom had a day to herself--that's very important!

  12. It's fun to get new stuff like that.
    We didn't get new but mom totally re-arranged younger boys room after he left. Made it into a clean, simple guest room. Looks totally different. We like napping in there now.
    Maybe you could get a kitty shelf for the window ledge?

  13. Hmmm.
    On second thought if that's a guest room maybe the guest wouldn't appreciate kitties over his head like most people would, so your mum would not put a kitty ledge there. That quilted star thing is really neat!

  14. That's a nice looking room. We may have to teleport over to try out the new bed - napping and wrasslin'.

    Have a good weekend.

  15. Oh Bast! Ya got a new bed fer yousrselfs? That is SO COOL!

  16. Wow--that looks like just about the PURRFECT spot for playing and napping! Lucky you!

    Also--grilled chick-hen! You just had the best day ever, boys!


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