Monday, October 18, 2010

Mini ManCat Monday

Cats are perfect companions. Independent and resourceful, yet there when you need a cuddle. - Author Unknown
Hiya, Ducky here. Thanks for your purrs for both Grampie and Mum. Mum says he has behaved himself the past few days, although he has a pretty nasty black eye in addition to his stitches. Mum however has the sniffie, sneezy, scratchy throat stuff. Has been drinking lots of fluids and going to bed early.

She did visit Grampie a little bit on both Caturday and Sunday. Watched the first half of the Packer game, then Grampie wanted a nap! So mum came home.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - Lost in overtime for the second consecutive week. They play Grampa Brett next Sunday night.

Grampa Brett and The ViQueens - They beat them Cowboys.

The Colts - Playing on Sunday evening, mum says she will not be staying up to watch the whole game. She needs her rest.

Stop by on Wednesday for Derby's Purrthay Party and cellybrate TockToberFest.


  1. Old folks can be stubborn about their independence, but can also do silly things because of being confused. It is hard. Purr sfor Grampie to stay well.

    I hope your Mom's sniffles get better soon. At this time of year it is hard to know if it is allergies or a virus. Nasty either way.

    So boys, purr on Mom and be good, and snuggle up tight to stay warmies!

  2. We must have missed the post about your Grandpa. We hope he is okay. It's a tough situation. We are taking care of our 91 year old Grandma. Somedays she is in a good mood and other days not so much.

  3. Healing purrs to both your mama and your grampie. Hope he stays well and won't try to do things by himself anymore.

  4. I am excited about Tocktober fest! Ichiro is so excited about it, he is biting the Woman's arm even as we make her type!

    Purrs for every body to get well. Nursing humans is such a chore.

  5. Oh we are behind we are sorry your mom and grampie are not feeling good - we are sending them lots of purrs!

    And we can't wait for Derby's birthday - we are trying to find some good tocks pictures!

  6. ugh. Sniffles are No Fun, for Cats or Humans. You boys get some serious snuggle time in with your Mom and keep her nice and warm. We're glad to hear your Grampie is healing up, our Great-Gramma recently had to get a walker to help her get around and she's been a little tetchy about it.

  7. Healing purrs for your Mom and Grampie

  8. We hope your mum soon feels better. We are sending more purrs for her and your Grampie.

  9. Annyone who beats the Cowboys is good in our book!

    Washington Homegurl Kitties Ayla an Iza

  10. My Goodness,
    Last Friday's post is moving my heart!!! That is a great photos!!!!

    And glad your beans are doing ok,
    I hope your mom gets better!!! Changing weather season always makes people weaker~~ Purr and purrs to your mommy.

  11. Haha! Mom laughs about Grampa Brett!!!

    We hope your mom feels better soon. We're getting our 'tocks in shape for Derby's birthday!

  12. DERBS! Are you ready for 'Tocktober? Binkies Baby! ~Fiona and Lando Bun

  13. My grandpa tried to stay independent too but sometimes you have to ask for help! I hope everyone is feeling better.

  14. We are purring for your mom and your grampie!

    Even though we were rooting for the Dolphins, we're sorry your team losted. It sure was an exciting game and nail-biting ending!

  15. Those nursing homes are the perfect place to pick up sneezes & sniffles, our mom says. Schools are next. None of those involved in our lives right now so our paws are crossed for a healthy winter.

  16. Good job. Keep making sure your mom gets lots of rest. Purrs and tail wags for her and your Grampie.

  17. Hope the grandpa keeps listening and being a good boy. Also, hope that your mommie can nip the throat stuff quickly and doesn't get too down with it.
    So looking forward to tomorrow. I am lined up at the door outside waiting to party!!!!

  18. Happy Purrthday Derby!
    We gotta git Mini to da v-e-t (her tummy iz bad) so we can't play Tocktober :( We finkin of yoo tho! We luvs yoo.
    Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties


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