Monday, March 21, 2011

The Answer

What are you afraid of if you have catoptrophobia?

Mirrors or looking in the mirror! Not us kitties!

Our snow piles in the back of the house on Sunday. These will be the last snow to go as they don't get much sun. But it is even much smaller now on Monday evening.
Mum has watched small bits of the basketball tourney, mostly just the Bucky Badger games. She likes the fact that you can tune into one game and one game only. Then you don't get sucked into all of the other games.
Ducky took time to sit in front of the moving picture box during the game on Caturday evening. We didn't get totally ignored that night.

Mum went outside on Monday when she got home to check the fevver feeders. She didn't get the inside door all the way shut. So when she started to come back in and opened the outside door, I shot out!

Mum was quick, she caught my tail! I hissed, but she didn't let go, then properly picked me up and 'poligized for pulling my tail to catch me. Plus I got lots and lots of treats.


  1. She caught you by your TAIL? Oh my Cod, I would've bitten her fingers right off.

    You're a verreh good boy!

  2. I don't think I am AFRAID of mirrors, but I will never directly look at my own image or a person's image in the mirror. Like it isn't even there. I wonder what that is called?

  3. We aren't afraid of mirrors, either. We really don't notice them. You're lucky yoour mom caught you--it's not nice for kitties out there!

  4. Derby, you silly boy. Did you tell your mum "My tail is not a leash," or "My tail is not a handle," or "My tail is not a toy"? That's what we have to remind our mom every now and again (especially the last one--she doesn't really pull our tails).

    I don't understand mirrors so it's no wonder I didn't guess right!

  5. I still think there should be a word for being afraid of another cat sitting on your head. Who's afraid of looking in a mirror?

  6. Why Derby that's not like you at all! Was it spring fever that made you dash?

  7. Your mom must have very good reflexes to catch you by the tail, especially with you zipping out the door at full speed.

  8. Our snow is going, but not fast enough. We might even get more -gasp- before it all goes away. Mom doesn't watch the orange ball.

  9. Derby, I'm shocked! Well, not really. I'd do the same thing if I got the chance. That's why Mom watches the doors like a hawk when we're around.


  10. We like watchin the TV, but mirrors dont werk fer us. Mebbe they are broken.

    Hope yer tail is OK!


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