Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Friday

We are happy regardless what day it is. Mum is bummed as this mean her week off is coming to a close.

When mum got home the other day it was nice, warm and sunny, so mum opened the windows for us and left them open all afternoon.

Our video of getting the windows open.
Our snow is disappearing pretty fast. The bit you see in the front of the picture is now gone! We can see more and more grass and less of that white stuff. Then next day wasn't as sunny but still pretty warm.
Things are popping out of the ground, two-lips and daffs coming up. Plus Mr Chip Monk was running around on the patio too.
Me looking out the window at mum. She just sat outside in the sun. Like us we thinks she is a bit solar powered. She has been smiling lots when she is outside in the sun.

She watched a bit of the basketball tourney, Madness it is called. Our Bucky Badger won, so will play again on Caturday. Guess we will be watching.

Here is where mum went off to rest for a couple of days. Near enough to drive to, but fancy enough. She got pampered while she was there, lots of sleeps, not doing too much, getting massaged, whirlpooled, toes and fingers painted etc, etc, etc. She got a package where all the pampering was included with the room, which save here green papers.
Her balcony was the top one on the left, she went outside but didn't sit there long as it wasn't that warm yet.
Hey, this is nice! A big bed! Why we could have gone along and we would have lots of room for all of us to sleep together. Phooey, mum says they don't allow kitties. Well they also don't allow woofies either, so at least so no discrimination!
Even a tub big enough to have a great tub hockey match. Mum says she used it twice a day the days she was there. Nice an relaxing.

Well we hope you all have a good weekend.


  1. OH MY! That was some great window whiffin'! You guys have a ace window, one side for each of you.

    Mommy says the spa treatment sounds splendid!

  2. I love your windows! It must be nice to have some fresh air.

  3. Super view, minty air... you shure haf a wunnerful home!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  4. You have a great window. We should get some window whiffing in soon. The weather is almost warm enough. It sounds like your Mom had a great relaxing time. I hope your Badgers win again.


  5. We got serious window sniffies all day. It was great.

  6. Your mommy is really lovely human, Open the windows for you guys. Fresh Air is always the best !
    Sniff Sniff..Wonderful Feeling : )
    Have a lovely day Derby and Ducky

  7. Wasn't it great having the windows open? Mama left them cracked for us while she was at work. That human pampering place sounds great, too! Where was that?

  8. Oh wow! That looks like a grand place to stay! And the fact that you have sun is PAWSOME

  9. Yeah for your mom taking a relaxing break!!

    It is finally nice here too and mom left the windows cracked for us this morning.

    Yeah for Bucky but mom's spartys lost.

  10. Your mom had a nice R&R place. Too bad you couldn't go along. And, too bad you weren't there to fur up your mom aftr she took her twice-a-day dip in the bathtub ... it would have a made a purr-fect day for her.

  11. Glad to see you are getting some window whiffin done. That looks like a lovely relaxing break that your mum had.

  12. Most of our snow is gone too!!!
    Hope your Mom had a nice rest and spent some fun time with you two ;)
    Thank you for your purrs for Mickey.
    We really miss him and it will take
    a while to get used to him bot being here.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  13. Did you try to nip Ducky's butt at the very end??
    That really is a nice ledge you have with the bay window. Perfect for sniffing air & listening for birdies!

  14. I had a day of fresh air and window sniffing last week too, then it turned cold again. The place your Mum went to sounds awfully nice for humans, though I don't understand why they pay money for things like massages and nail painting. But that bed, now THAT is worth a lot of green papers!


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