Monday, March 21, 2011

ManCat Monday

The cat is the only animal I would willingly swap places with for an afternoon. - Author Unknown

Mum agrees with us on this one. She sorta did the cat thing this past week. Rested lots, ate good foods, soaked up some sunshine. Today we sent her back day hunting.
We did lots of this on a not sunny Sunday. It rained, thunderboomed a couple of times. Mum did the washy routine and finished reading her book. We didn't get to see the stouper moon, it was cloudy here.

Bucky Badger lives to play basketball again next weekend. We are happy about that.

We have a quiz for you. No fair looking it up, just guess.

What are you afraid of if you have catoptrophobia?

We are putting on comment moderation so no one will see the other guesses/answers. We will let you know tomorrow what the answer is.


  1. We cheated and looked it up, it's the fear of looking into mirrors! Gee, you learn something new every day. :-)

    We're glad your mom had a restful weekend, along with both of you!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. I believe it is a fear of a cat like Ichiro sitting on top of your head...

    I must be right--my captcha says dinging

  3. We know this one. It has nothing to do with cats, it is a fear of mirrors and looking at yourself in them.
    We hope your weather is better today. Our Sunday was sunny and warm.

  4. I wound up looking up "catoptrophobia" on Google (I'm too curious!), so I won't participate in the quiz, but I WILL say that I suffer a little bit from this, judging by how I used to hiss at that kitty I saw in the old metal trashcan!

  5. oooh fear of mirrors....some kittens do fear their own reflection!


  6. Catoptrophobia is the fear of's what Mom has in the morning!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Good for your Mum! Living like a Cat is the only way to go!

    We have NO IDEA what that means! We'll be back tomorrow for sure.

  8. Cats' fear of moving? I don't know.

    Love the photos of you two boys all curled up!

  9. Mom is a big fat cheater...she immediately googled it. I swatted her with my paw...

  10. Mama did the kitty thing Sunday, too. She laid in bed and snuggled and read. She has this new toy called a Kindle, though, and we're not sure if we like it. We left some nose prints on it just in case.


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