Monday, March 28, 2011

ManCat Monday

We can't help but admire cats' devious nature. Eager to please, loyal doggies are so boring by comparison. - Author Unknown

Hiya, Ducky here. Hope everyone had a good weekend. We watched mum work on the new 'puter. It is pretty much set up. When she got it, she had the shop transfer all of our pictures, moovies and such. Then she didn't have to take all that time, so that was the easier part. She got the programs on it that she needs as well and is slowly learning the new version of stuff. She does not like the new email or the video maker either! She figured out how to do the videos below in the Flip video program. The windows thing was making her head hurt.

On to more important things like me! I am doing just fine. No issues in the past few weeks and no idea of what made me have a fever. I am all better now and the video proves that.

Mum was in and out on Caturday. The most important thing she did was to go visit furiends who just got a little girl last month from South Korea. Her name is Jianna and her gotcha day is mum's purrthday. When she came home she finished her housework, then readed her book. I watched.
Derby trying to get at the treat jar. Mum got this new little jar to hold our treats, Derby can't chew on it and we haven't been able to open it yet either on our own. We will need to work on that trick.

We know that others have had lots more snow this week like Scooby, Shaggy and Scout. But we are tired of winter, the white stuff keeps coming down. We wants warm and open windows.

Plus Scooby, Shaggy and Scout have sad news about our old furiend Edsel and his family. If you amember them you can head over to their blog for the update.
Spring is coming, the male goldyfinches are turning back to bright yellow, but are sort of half way turned so far. So week by week they are getting more yellow.
Lastly huge PURRS to our little lady furiend Miss Sweet Praline. She didn't get good news at the VET last week. Purrs and hugs to her and her mum.


  1. Glad you are better Ducky.

    Teleport over and enjoy spring/summer with us. It was so hot yesterday Mommy was in shorts. Now she has a sunburn.

  2. Ducky, you sure can jump high. What a man!

  3. Ducky, we're glad you're doing just fine now.

    We, too, are tired of winter, of temps in the 20s F or even colder. It's time for some WARM weather!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Dood! You got busted! Glad you're feeling better.

  5. We're confident you and Derby will be able to open the new treats jar.

    Have a good week ahead.

  6. Such sad news about Edsel's Mom ... we're all hurting inside a little for her right now.

    Ducky seems to take treats like I do -- with suspicious caution. I love the videos.

  7. Hey Ducky, if you don't want those treats, I'd be happy to stop by and take them out of your way!

    Max S.

  8. I think you can jump very high! I too am tired of winter and am looking for sunshine!

  9. Derby what a great jumper you are! That was really an awesome sight!
    Derby what go into you trying to attack mums hand like that!
    Your mom said don't be "owly". She is the only person besides our gramma who mom has ever say that word!!! Cool!

  10. Oops, we meant
    "Ducky" what a great jumper you are!

  11. We are glad you are all better now Ducky. You are a hood jumper.We are glad we are getting sun and not snow.

  12. Hooray, I'm glad you're doing better now. I'm so sad for Edsel's family and purr greatly for the sweetest Sweet Praline.

  13. Ducky: Nice jumping, Bro! Good job!
    Derby: I hope you got those two treats Ducky just ignored, MOL!!

    Have a great week, Boys!

  14. Ducky, we are glad you are back to normal. We sure wish it would get warm soon! We want some open windows!!

  15. We are glad yer Mom has a new puter. She'll figure it out.

    TBT remembers Edsel, we are goin over there right away.

  16. Ducky, you are indeed a mighty leaper! We're glad you're healthy again. Derby, dude, be careful about biting the hand that feeds you treats!

  17. So much sad news lately. We visited Little Cat Feet, one of our first favorites, to purr. We visited Sweet Praline, to purr. There are so many others who need purrs. We will keep up our purrs til we is exhausted for our friends.

  18. We're glad you're all better, Ducky. Jan hates the thought of when she'll have to learn a new OS. Hope your mom is having fun.


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