Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garden Thursday

::three paw taps::
Welcome to the garden this week. I am safely snuggled in the snow on the mountains, waiting to pounce an unsuspecting chippy. We are finally beginning to have lovely weather, mum is sitting outside with me lots on the patio.

This week to wrap up June we will concentrate on our roses. These were here when mum got here and they just come back each year.
The one by the back has been attacked by something. Lots of broken canes and then the flower on the ends don't bloom. Mum isn't sure what has done this, she is thinking the squirrels as the are too heavy and break them. They are looking to pounce to the bird feeder.
In the front by the side of the house is this red climbing rose, peeking out over the ferns.
Then a little pink rose bush off to the front and side of the yard. Little pink flowers and lots of them this year.
It was nice to see so many of you this week as you stopped by for Ducky's purrthday. We had fun.

See you next week.


  1. Mom love the red climbing rose one. Beautiful Red
    Thanks for the good garden tour
    Happy Day to both of you

  2. Those pink roses are so pretty!

  3. We love your roses, especially the climbing ones. Our mom sees a lot of them in our area, though we haven't any of our own.

  4. Roses are such pretty flowers. We have a very shady garden, so Mom and Dad have never planted any, but Mom was reading up on Knockout Roses so maybe they will try one of those. They seem more foolproof.

  5. They're so pretty!!!
    Our chippy continues to taunt us.

  6. Youre' doin g a good job of protecting the garden, Virginger.

    Squirrels can be rascally when they see a full bird feeder. And, it doesn't matter if the feeders are squirrel-proof.

  7. The roses are pretty. We like the red climber.

  8. Mom loves roses!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  9. Beyootiful roses! I like to smell flowers. They look like they smell good. I had a good time at the pawty yesterday. Thanks!

  10. We are avid gardening kitties who love roses and your garden. Things are growing like a jungle at our place.

  11. We are so glad ta see SOMEONE with "Snow-On-The-Mountain"! We were thinking we had the last ones... Really!


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