Monday, June 6, 2011

Mini ManCat Monday

God is probably a cat person after a day of listening to supplicants try to please him, he probably wouldn't want a dog around. - John Ritter

HiYa, Ducky here. Hope you all had a good weekend. We did. Mum was gone most of Caturday. She went to visit Grampie and Grammie's grave and pick up the flower pot. Then she visited with some beans. Then came home to us.
Sunday she was into chores. The washy shuffle in the dungeon, then she took on a project that got pushed off from last summer.
She has these lights but they just sort of hang there on the patio hooks. Messy, icky looking.
Well she got out her tools and eye hooks and cable and fastened it all around then then hung the lights on the cable.
Yes, neater, less light to shine inside the house and more out on the patio and yard.
We both snoozervised her, and she did ok. Then she sat there and readed her book and cooked and ATE outside. That means we got no tastes of the nice juicy, rib eye steak she had. Phooey for not getting a taste of roast beast. But we got to lick her ice cream cone later!


  1. Ice cream cone sound nice and yum for me : )

  2. Sounds like your mum was busy until she got chance to read her book. The lights look pretty. Shame you didn't get any roast beast but at least you got some licks of iced scream.

  3. Those lights look gorgeous! We're sorry you didn't get any roast beast!

  4. That is a beautiful rangement on the grampies' grave. Is very nice your mum remembers them!
    We loves ice creams too, but I not allowed to has any on account of my diabetes. We hopes you enjoyed yours, I can lives vicariously!
    Love, TK and Squashies

  5. Hi Ducky! Wow it sounds like your mom had a very busy weekend! We are sorry you didn't get to try the roast beast but it is good you got some ice cream at least!! And the lights look good all hung up like that - it is a great idea!

  6. Your human sounds fairly competent, so she probably did not need to be supervised too closely. But even though you snoozervised, you should still have gotten some roast beef!

  7. The lights make it look like Christmas. Too bad you didn't get any of the joocy ribeye - that sounds yummy.

  8. At our house, we would have eaten the ENTIRE ice cream cone! Just because there are so many of us...The Baby 'specially likes a sugar cone.

    Your Mum did a good job outside, you boys gave excellent snoozervision.

  9. Well at least you got the ice cream! I never get that.

  10. Now you have a party patio! We expect a big shin-dig sometime soon!

    Those were great pics of the baby robing the other day!

  11. Those lights look pretty cool now!! And we think we'd rather have the ice cream than steak. Lucky you!!


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