Monday, June 27, 2011

ManCat Monday

I have noticed that what cats most appreciate in a human being is not the ability to produce food which they take for granted - but his or her entertainment value. -Geoffrey Household
It was a nice weekend, lots of open windows, finally some sunshine and nice breezes. We hung out for a while together in the front window for at least a couple of minutes.

Mum was around doing her normal weekend chores, but on Caturday morning this pick-em-up truck back into our driveway, Mum went out to talk with them and they left this with us. Mum got a new outside cooking thingy. Guess the old one wasn't working as well as it could have and mum figured she might as well replace it with something good. She bought it at a store that put it together and delivered at no additional charge. Mum said it saved her hours of time and headaches.
Looks great mum, what are you going to cook for us?
Yes we see you just sitting outside, reading a book, fix us something nice to eat.
Oh yeah, that is what we are talking about! A nice good size piece of not yet roasted beast.
A couple of slices for mum to eat, the rest went into the big cold box to eat at another time.
Mum's plate with meat and potatoes.
You gonna eat all of it or do we get a taste?

Yeah, we got a taste.

BTW, stop by tomorrow and wish the runt a happy purrthday. Refreshments and noms will be served.


  1. Yum! Our mama would love a gas grill, but we do have a charcoal one on the way. We can't wait for the steak!

  2. Mom and dad love to have BBQs. And that's a pretty smart bit of kit! LOL!

    We'll be back for the birthday!

  3. My dad love BBQ !!! I love da chicken BBQ : )

  4. We're glad you got some of those yummy looking BBQ noms!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. Wow! That food looks tasty. Did you get to clean the grill when it was cool?

  6. That's a nice looking grill. And, to break it in with a tasty dinner.

    Early Happy B-Day to Ducky.

  7. Your Mum is spectacular, cooking you boys roast beast! Paws crossed you get leftovers...

  8. That is a very smart new BBQ. We like the smells when mum and dad use their BBQ and we always get something from it.

  9. That's some fancy outside cooking machine! We're glad you got a taste of the roast beast.

  10. You kittehz are soo lucky your mom gots you a new grill! Your chick-hen will tast soo good. Hope your roast beast was as delishus as it looked. See you back here tomorrow for the pawty. Purrs.

  11. Wow, you guys sure are lucky, getting to taste that roast beast! We'll see you tomorrow for the party (Woohoo!). :)


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