Friday, December 2, 2011

Farewell Friday for Opus, Get Well to GJ

We bid a fond farewell to our buddy Opus. He had the bestest life, getting to move from Mericky to sunny Italy when his mum got married to an Italian guy. Don't know if he ever learned to meow in Italian, but we are sure he had fun. He joins his brother Roscoe at The Bridge. His mum will miss them so much since they were with her as she moved across the sea.

Plus we send purrs and good vibes to our UK buddy Ginger Jasper. GJ just hasn't been good for the last week or so, not wanting to eat. Monday he goes to the VET for more tests.


  1. We didn't know Opus except by name from Gracie's blog, but along with so many others, we are sad about him leaving for the Bridge. And we are very worried about our sweet friends Ginger Jasper. He does seem very frail. We wonder if the vet has done some blood work to check on other ideas. We feel so for hi Mum and Dad.

  2. We were sad to hear that Opus has gone to The Bridge. We are sending purrs to GJ.

  3. We are sad to hear that Opus has gone to the Bridge. We will miss him very much. And we are purring very hard for GJ. We are so worried about him.

  4. We are also sending purrs to all our friends in need.
    We sent special purrs to Opus's family. It is very sad indeed.
    Purrs Tillie & Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure & JJ

  5. We;re so sad that Opus ran off to the Bridge. We're purring loud and hard for GJ too.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  6. I am quite distressed at the kitties who are sick and not doing well and who have crossed the Bridge lately.

  7. We are very concerned about all of our new furriends on the CB that have left for the Bridge to visit with Sweet Praline and those that are so sick down here with us. We've turned on our purring motors really hard.

    Truffle and Brulee

  8. We are sad about Opus as well. Hugs and purrs to his mombean. We're hope there is good news from Ginger Jasper tomorrow. We are keeping the purrs for him going, that he gets better soon.


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