Saturday, December 17, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New

No not quite the new year yet, but we got our family Christmouse prezzie today.
This was our old chair that we sat in to watch fevvers, sqwerls and mum would sit a read books too. It was furry old and was from Gramie and Grampie's really old furniture set. Way back when mum still lived with them.
So this morning mum muscled the old chair out into the metal monster room, the got out the rug sucking monster and really cleaned up the carpet. Me checking out my yak spot from the other day. In spite of mum cleaning, I still knew it was the spot. hehehe

Then we got put into isolation and we could hear voices and big foot steps in the house, then she let us out.

Mum decided she wanted a new chair. One good for reading, that would be good to sit in, comfy and be good for us too. She did really good, guys, or yes she did.
This is the new chair, looks nice, but what mum says is a super bonus is that it has a feets rest for her! When she first found it in the store, she was just happy it sat nice. Then the sales guy showed her how the feet rest thing came out!
Mum didn't waste any time getting her feets up and testing it out.
She even did good in picking the fabric. That will compliment our nice ginger furs furry well thank you
Ducky just sitting on the floor, more interested in the fevvers outside at the moment.
Now checking to see how well his furs match up on the chair. Not bad, arms are comfy to sit on, not too high to jump up to.
Watching mum work on the dishes after she cooked three batches of peanut brittle and two different batches of soup. Bizzy kitch-hen day for her.
Sitting on the back, yes, decent view from the top, easy access over to the table with the lamp. Usually something good there to whap on the floor.
Ducky checking out the underside of the chair. Pretty close to the floor but Ducky can get under since he is a bit smaller.

Oh, yeah, we had some white stuff overnight. It will all go away tomorrow in the nice warmer temps we will get.


  1. Cool chair! Mom Paula has couches with feet rests, but she won't pull them up until we get a little older.

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. Your Mum did GREAT! That chair is a winner.
    Mommy says to be a little careful letting down the footrest in case one of you decide to nap under the chair...she's surprised a couple kitties that way!

  3. That is a very cool chair! My human tends to get furniture that looks cool, but isn't very comfortable! It's like she does not understand what furniture is for or something.

  4. ConCats on that pawsome new chair!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. We luf recliners! How sweet of your Mom to get a ginger colored one! Looks good!

  6. Thats a lovely new chair. Foot rests are good cause it means there is more room for effurryone to snuggle up on hee he :)xx

  7. Terrific news chair! It will provide endless hours of napping and snuggles with the mum!

  8. That looks like a most excellent chair. Congrats and Happy Sitting!

    The Chans

  9. Nice chair. Tell Ducky to be careful when he's under the chair -they's can become tricky.

    P.S. Wait at least a week or so to test your claws of death on the chair. :)

  10. Thanks so much for coming by my party and saying such nice things. You are good friends and we plan to still keep an eye one you both! Purrs to you!

  11. We love yer new chair! Nice fat arms an back to sit on, plus mom will probly sit in it lots so you can sit on HER!

  12. It's a beautiful chair.
    She chose well for all parties concerned.


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