Monday, December 5, 2011

ManCat Monday

It has been the providence of Nature to give this creature [the cat] nine lives instead of one. - Bidpai

Mum has gotten some of the Christmouse stuff out. Grampie's little tree, door wreath, the jingle bells for the door and red ribbon bows for outside. None of the little white guys have shown up yet. But then there isn't anything white on the ground yet either.
We had a good weekend, lots of napping, watching feetbsall with mum. It included the game on Caturday night when Bucky Badger played in the Big Ten Championship game. They beat the State of Michigan and get to go play in the Rosey Bowl on January 2. Woohoo.

Ducky doing his best to help mum with her crochet project. She expected she would need to have it done by early January for the baby shower. The other department at work scheduled it for December 16! Mum says it won't be done unless she worked on it hours every night. That would make her hands all hurty and sore, if she had the time to get it done. She would rather do a good job and not rush, so she will give her a card that says "I owe you one baby blankie".
The above picture of me staring at the treat jar from the other night, Abby Normal and Stygia said I looked like a loaf of bread! I resemble that remark.

Continuing purrs for our buddies that aren't feeling well. GJ is supposed to go back to the VET today for more tests, DMM is home and seems to be doing OK for now. Pete is now back home too, he had a high fever, got meds and is now back home. Get and stay better everyone, we don't like it when things go all wonky with other kitties. Our purrers have been on high for days purring for you all.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - pulled out a victory in the last few seconds of the game against the Giants to go to 12 and 0 for the season. If you count the final games and playoff of last season, they have won 18 games in a row. A Rodq our QB continues to do good, defense helped out with a pick 6, but the defense is also giving up lots of points.

The Colts - this was Opus' team, and even going to The Bridge this week didn't help his team win. Their record is the opposite of The Pack. Guess the Colts will get the first pick in the draft. Maybe time to find someone to replace Peyton if he doesn't come back.

Grampa Brett - still retired.


  1. We agree--you look like a loaf of bread! A very sweet bread! Good job helping with the blanket, Ducky!

  2. We have been purring non-stop for our poorly friends too. xx

  3. What a bee-yootiful blankie your Mum is working on! What a great baby gift. We thinks you look like a catloaf, too! xoxo

  4. Mom watched that sparty game and at least it was well fought!!

    We are purrin for our friends too - never good to be sick but especially this time of year

  5. That blanket will be a wonderful baby gift, we're glad your mum's not trying to rush it.

    We, too, are continuing to purr and purray for those who are sick and in need. Seems like far too many right now, and apparently Lucy from Hannah and Lucy isn't feeling well, either, we just got the news. :-(

  6. It sounds like you're ahead of us in Christmas preparations. #1 had better get going soon!

    The Chans

  7. Yes, I don't know that I'll ever be able to turn off my motor the way things are going in the blogosphere. So many purrs so little time!

  8. Mommy would like a slice of gingerloaf, please!

    We are purring in shifts; we wish all our friends would be's so worrisome to have so many of them ill.

  9. Its nice when the Chrissymouse decorations start coming out. That means the will be prezzies soon!

  10. Well we think you are the nicest loaf that we know. We are purring for all our sick friends.

  11. Our mom was so disappointed that the Bucky Badgers beat her Spartans. Guess they're going to Florida instead of California.

  12. We loves yur updates! We are wif yoo On da praying for effuryone to gets better.


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