Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Caturday

Happy Caturday one and all. So far we are having a good day. Cold outside, but wonderful sun puddles for us to nap in. Mum has gone out, but we are inside, warm and cozy.

First we would like to set everycat straight on our turkey lunch the other day. It was new turkey from the store, not old turkey from the cold box. Mum got it when she got her last thing she needed to make her peanut brittle. Needed cheap butter spread for greasing up the pans, but she ranned by the deli for turkey and the bakery thing for buns.
Yeah, we sent mum out in the cold early so she could go shopping for our Secret Paw pal. We gave her a list, we checked it twice. Regardless if you are naughty or nice, our pal will get their box.

Will it be foods........
......or treats? Or some combination of the above!
Its in the bag! We won't show anything mum got, but she did good. Has a nice little box to put the things into, then can take it off to the blue shorts man station to send it on its way.

Friday was a quiet day, mum took off and went galavanting over the countryside with Miss Lynn and Miss Jane. Their typical pre-Christmouse adventure for a little shopping, looking and eating. Mum came home with more AlPacka socks to keep her feets warm.


  1. Alpaca socks sound nice and toasty! And what lucky cats you are to have some sun!

  2. We had sunshine here today, after a very foggy start!

    And our #1 got our Secret Paws box off in the mail (it's called "La Poste" here) this morning!

    Have a great weekend!

    The Chans

  3. I'm glad it's fresh turkey, but I was gonna be WAY impressed if it was from Thanksgiving and it didn't bother her tummy at all!

  4. My human hasn't done her Secret Paws shopping yet - I am getting impatient and have ordered, I mean requested, that she get it done this weekend!

  5. We have had a few sun puddles today but it is cold out. Our mum went shopping for our Secret Paw in the week and we helped her pack it and she sent it off on Thursday.

  6. We are cool and clear here today, so we didn't feel TOO bad about sending our Mommy off to work!
    Thanks for clarifying about the turkey...

  7. Very sweet! Somebody is gonna get a treat...

  8. We helped our mom get our Secret Paws package together too!! Some cats are gonna be really happy!!

  9. Believe it or not ? Till now, My mom still didn't do any shopping for Christmas !!! Can we swap mommy ? ; )

  10. Funny turkey story: TBT went out food hunting Thursday and wanted ta get another turkey. They dint have anny! When he got home he heard an ad on the radio for the same place talkin about their turkeys fer sale... MOL!

  11. Wat are alpaca socks? Are they anything like our kitty socks on our paws?

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  12. Alpacka sox sound warm! Did you get any treats out of this galavanting about countryside?

  13. Glad you cleared that up about the turkey! Really had a laff at Ayla & Iza's comment yesterday about raining on yer parade with the old turkey!!!


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