Monday, December 10, 2012

ManCat Monday

If God created animal angels, they would probably be dogs. Cats would consider it a demotion. - Linda Marrow

Yes, here on earth, we are better than angels. We only become angels when we get to The Bridge. 

Some of the white stuff on Sunday, not much and at the official weather guesser station, they got no snow, so we has set a record of days without measurable snow. 280, last measurable snow was way back on March 4. 

Top picture is just had changed from rain to snow, if you biggify you might be able to see the snow flakes. Bottom picture was about 4 hours later. 

Mum spent Sunday afternoon working on the Christmouse Cards, we both snoopervised her from time to time. Otherwise we spent our afternoon doing this!

Go visit Spitty, he did his own version of the 12 days. The "Rodentia Version" as he calls it. Go and see it, it is grate. Or you can see it in our last post comments.

Anyone else come up with a new version? If so, we want to know.

Feetsball Report 

The Pack - played on the snowy frozen tundra of Lambeau field against those Lion guys. Didn't we just beat them a couple of weeks ago? Well we beat them again. Go back to the mitten state, you haven won in Lambeau for over 20 years. In first place in the black and blue division!

The Broncos -played last Thursday and won. 


  1. I think we have about 60 years and counting with no snow over here in Los Angeles! And I am wondering, if being an angel is a demotion, is there some way I can live forever - 'cause I do not want a demotion!

  2. meowloz D & D !!

    notre dame: 7507
    alabama: 3

    stay tooned for de act shun on de 7th

    anda happee mackeral monday N ta all a good meel :)

  3. We biggified the photo and yes, we could see some snowflakes falling.
    That light dusting of snow looks very nice.

    Nice wrestling match, boys!

  4. No snow here...we had just rain. And as for our Lions...bleh!

  5. We liked seeing the snow (we hardly ever get any) and loved seeing what you did during the day. Purrs...from your friends at

  6. Our Niners won too. Just sayin'. Heh heh.

    I hope some more kitties writes 12 Days of Krissymouse songs!

  7. After an almost snow free winter last year ole Momma Nature really let us have it over the weekend. Mom says Dad needs to stick a crowbar in his wallet and buy a snowblower or at least a snowthrower for monster storms like this.

  8. We snoopervised our mum doing her overseas Christmas cards on Sunday too. She got them all posted yesterday. Now she has to do the UK cards.


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