Monday, December 17, 2012

ManCat Monday

Cats are a standing rebuke to behavioral scientists wanting to know how the minds of animals work. The mind of a cat is an unscrutable mystery. - Lewis Thomas

 Well we have made it to another Monday. Christmouse is fast approaching. Mum finished making the last of the peanut brittle on Caturday. I managed to get some licks of the butter off the pan. Then later she was cooking and I managed to get some licks of the good stuff before she put the stuff in the oven.

Although, on Friday, she came to see where I was and found me napping on the guest bed. So what did she do, she closed the door on me. Then she went and hauled a whole chick-hen out of the big cold box and took all of the meat off of it. I didn't get any! Ducky, who was a goody four paws, sat nicely and watched, so he did get some of the chick-hen. So all the more reason to bug her on Caturday while she was trying to cook and make stuff.

Mum got bizzy on Caturday doing lots of with lots of washing. She even took apart our sleeping pod. She took out the inside stuffings and picked off lots of our furs by had. Then it went into the washing monster, along with our Gizzy quilts.

Once it was all clean we both checked it out. I was the first to actually snuggle down and start of refur it.  Mum took the picture from far away and I had my lazer's turned on.

Ducky did take over for a bit, 
 then I moved back in for a while. Smells all nice and fresh. Thanks mum for cleaning this up with weekend.

Feetsball Report

The Pack - they beat Da Bears, so now they are the NFC North division champs. However, they did have some bone head plays, like getting cute on a punt reception, which they then fumbled. Plus, the place kicker has got to go, he misses more than he makes. He doesn't get the bounce to go his way either. He actually hit the upright on the goal post and it bounced back out! Mum says they won't go far in the playoffs if they don't have a kicker who can actually make a field goal.

The Bronco's - beat up on the Balmer Ravens. So they have clinched the division title for the AFC West. The game was on at the same time as the Pack's game, so mum didn't get to watch it. She doesn't bop back and forth between games.


  1. Your Mom has been busy! Now, you will have to refur everything. Have a happy Monday!

  2. Derby, I can't believe your human gutted a whole chicken without your presence. There has to be a Cat Rule against that!

  3. Your mom sure takes great care of you!

  4. Whaaaat? You didn't get any chick-hen? Our mum washed our blankies too and now they smell all wrong.

  5. Thank you for stopping by our blog to leave kind words about Devon's passing.

  6. Refurring is an important part of all cats roles. Seasons greetings from me and Birks. FAZ

  7. I still don't get why you didn't get any chick-hen. Was it because you napped on the guest bed? How is that a crime?

    That sleeping pod of yours looks very comfy. But, it will be a lot of work to re-fur it properly.

  8. knot stooooooooopid burd chcikn D & D

    say it iznt sew....

    hay, grate lazer eye two by de way

    Notre Dame: 45,897
    Alabama : 3

    January 7 2013

  9. We're REELING from you not getting any chikkun!! That is elebenty kinds of least you got nice fresh beds. We love that.

  10. Hahaha I love the Feetsball Report! You could write for ESPN!

  11. That was awful shutting the door on you like that! No chick-hen! That's just not right at all!

  12. Concats to your Packers! We give up on Da Bears!

  13. I let PQ do the refurring for me! And I have to wonder along with everybody else, why no chicken for you? Sometimes cutesy little brothers are more trouble than anything else, aren't they, especially when they get stuff we don't!

  14. Wow, your mum has been busy! How cool that you got some licks of butter.


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