Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Mr Hawk paid us a visit this afternoon. Mum caught him on the flashy box just as he took off looking for something. We saw the birds scatter lots before he showed up. Guess they was nervous and knew something was going to happen. If he got anything, it wasn't in our yard.
You can see the bands on the tail fevvers the best, towards the bottom middle of the picture.

Otherwise, things are boring around here. We had a nice Christmouse, mum gave us some of her ham she ate.


  1. You know what ? I used to heard Mr. Hawk can kidnap the kitties ! Beware !!!
    Ham sound YUM !! and I'm drooling now !
    Happy Holiday my friends

  2. Once, a hawk got into our enclosed patio and could not find his way out! Now, that was some wild Bird TV! My human had to help him escape.

  3. We get Mr. Hawk here too. The mom hasn't been able to get a good picture of him, though.

  4. I wonder if he's one of our old hawks. We haven't seen any since way before we moved, so maybe our hawk family went up NNE and stayed!

  5. We see him! Mr Hawk comes here too and tries to take the Blue Tits out of the tree when they are at the feeders. They usually scatter in time but not always.

  6. D & D


    pleez ta tell yur mom knot ta waste value abull play time with ewe both coz her wuz interrupted by a nastee stoooooooooooooooooopid hawk.....

    ya stoooooooooopid burd...steelin mice N bunnies N kittehs two... rite off de ground.....


    sorree D & D

    we hada stoooooooooooopid burd momint

  7. We see those every once in a while, but they do fly away with poor kitties sometimes.

  8. We had a hawk visit once. TBT wouldn't let us outside fer a WEEK!


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