Thursday, March 28, 2013

Garden Thursday


Hello and  Welcome to Garden Thursday. I'm Virginger the hostess with the mostest with the news from outside.

Spring is slowly coming. We finally had our first robin show up in our yard this week. Plus mum chopped up an apple and put it in one of the feeders for them.

It has been a little warmer and sunny, so more of the snow is melting. It is a slow melt, but mum says that is good for the ground as it needs moisture. We had such a dry summer last year, we were in drought conditions. Now we are no longer in drought conditions. That is a good thing.
Our little green tree died from the lack of water. Mum says she will have to cut it down soon. But wants to get a new one!

So you can see more of our grass, which hasn't woken up get to get green. That will happen soon. Mum even took the grass cutting monster in for its tuneup yesterday. She might need it in the next month.

That should be it for now.

Love, Virginger


  1. We still have patchy snow and snowbanks from the plows too. BUT...Our human has seen daffodils pushing their way up in a few sunny, protected spots, so we think Spring finally is on her way!

    Happy Easter weekend to you all!

  2. We still have plenty of snow banks but the sun is out and I'm thinking we are heading to spring here in WI.
    Have a wonderful Easter

  3. No snow for us, but we have lots of mud. Not near as pretty to look at!

  4. virginger; pleez see D & D....
    they haza storee, mor like a tale oh horror...ta share with ewe bout burds....trooly...


    we all sew wanna say haza happee week oh end anda happee eazter az well :)

  5. Thanks Virginger! Things are looking up aren't they? We didn't know Robins are apples.

  6. Virginger we think that that robin sure signals spring isn't too far off!

  7. We think after this weekend, most of your snow will be gone. All of ours is gone now.

  8. Mmmmmm, what a plump tasty robin! Looks delishus! Good thing for the birdie you boys is indoors ;-)

  9. Our azaleas started blooming this week.

  10. Birds like apples? Well, we told TBT he had to put some out right away. On the ground...

    Great, he put them up in the bird feeder we can't reach! Why do they call it a bird-feeder iffen it doesn't feed us any birds?

    We gotta werk on him about that. He doesn't seem ta quite get our ideas sometimes.

  11. It looks like Spring is slowly coming to your house. I'm sorry the little tree died.


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