Friday, March 1, 2013

In Like a Lion?

Well we made it to March the first. Guess that is good, another day, just like most any other day. It is Friday too. Woohoo. Maybe mum will do a fish fry and we can have fish.

We are proud to pat ourselves on the back, we again bugged mum enough and posted every day in February. So  here is our badge to ourselves. If you posted every day, please take this badge for your blog.

Mum was gone a long time yesterday and was all dressed up. She was hunting a new day hunting gig for herself. Paws crossed for her, we need to get her out of the house! Not that we don't like her being home, 'cuz if she is home we can mooch treats and gets loves all the day long. But we suspects she is getting bored at times.

What are we doing? Napping!
Happy Friday.


  1. We do that too when our Mom goes away-gotta get in naps whenever, whereever, we can.
    Our Mom says she will pray for your Mom to find one.
    Have a good weekend
    from Jada and Scully

  2. Paws crossed for your mom. I hope she lands the gig.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. We hope your mum has good luck getting another day hunting job. We checked our post list and we missed on Feb 1st. We did do 2 extra during the month though.

  4. March came in like a lamb this year, and it looks like it is gonna stay that way at least a week. Fine with US!

    Best purrs fer yer Mom...

  5. Good luck to your mum!

    Nap well, boys!

  6. We're purring that things work out for your mum.

  7. Paws totally crossed for your human! I know she needs the money to get you guys food and treats - and fresh cat litter!

  8. Purring for your mummy to find a good hunting job soon.

  9. We are crossing al our paws for your Mom, Boys!

    Have a great weekend.

    The Chans

  10. We all still have everything we can cross here for your mom to find a new jobbie. Enjoy her while you can!

  11. D'oh we missed one day...


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