Monday, March 4, 2013

Mini ManCat Monday

If you yell at a cat, you're the one who is making a fool of yourself.

HiYa Ducky here. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, we did. We got lots of loves from mum, sun puddles to nap in, ham, treats and naps.

Mum was having fun with Derby, seems if she runs her hand along his back, he lifts his backside. I don't do that. Mum makes fun of him, at least I think so.

Plus, when the new fevver showed up that went south for the cold time showed up yesterday? We figured spring was here. Wrongo. The weather guessers are saying we are going to get a bunch of snow this week. Blech.

While mum was cleaning lots this weekend, we try to stay out of her way. But we do have to snoopervise and inspect. For the first time I went to check out mum's hot rain room.

 Looks OK to me, although the drain isn't draining very good. Need to work on that, OK?
 Derby coming to check up on my checking up. He likes going into the hot rain room after mum is done and licking the wet bottom.
I will just sit on the sink counter and snoopervise them both.

Plus you need a video of me. Napping.

Plus a bunch of our furiends ran off to The Bridge this weekend. We send lots of purrs to their families.



  1. Spring will come back... I hope. At least, that's what the peep keeps tellin' me. It's like, rainin' snow here right now. Looks like snow on the way down but hits the pavement and is rain. Weird, huh? purrs

  2. d & D....we are trooly sorree ta heer bout yur friends...

    grate mewvieez by both oh ewe, we give em 25 paws up...

    N ewe dee serve mor than sum ham for helpin with de hot rain room drane...ewe shuld be gettin a few cases oh flounder, mackerel N snapper !!

  3. The elevator butt is too cute. Nicki will arch his back, of course, but he doesn't rest on his forelegs like that. :-)

    Our human saw a robin yesterday, in the below-freezing temps, and thought he must be crazy. LOL. But Spring must be on her way, even though it doesn't seem like it.

  4. Great snoopervising there, you two. Spring is coming, but until then, stay toasty! Purrs...

  5. Oh No !!! Only Me can't see the video !!! Must be my mom's com.
    I do arch my back when mom did the same as your mom but only when mom come back from work : )

    Your new shower looks pawsome !!!! Love it

  6. Boodie and I raise up our backsides when we get petted too... but we don't get annoyed at the end like Derby did!

  7. Looks like Derby and I have something else in common. We both have elevator butts and are both smiley boys. You look very peaceful sleeping.

  8. You guys are so funny-we like seeing what you do all the time-mol
    Jada and Scully

  9. You guys had a busy weekend. Good job snoopervising!

  10. You willingly went into a baftub? That is scary...

  11. Honestly, with that whole "elevator butt" chant, I think you woulda been within your rights to put a harder bitey on that finger!

    *I* do elevator butt too, and I gotta say, it is not entirely a pleasant experience and often ends with me being, um, a little snappish.

    Much love to the families of those who went off to the Bridge XOXOXO

  12. Hey Derby, I like to lick the wet hot rain room, too. Nice to know I'm not the only one!



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