Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Are Beyond Sad

Mistrie Rose was helped to the Bridge on Monday. She was such a wonderful feral cat who lived in The Big Piney Woods.

We remember teleporting to The Big Piney Woods and watching for fairies with Mistrie and the rest of the girls.

We will miss you, but happy you are now free from pain. Say hello to Patches Lady and someday we will see you again.


  1. Beautiful Tribute
    I send warm purrs to her family

  2. Awww I'm so sorry to hear this, she looked like such a nice kitty. Big hugs and huge purrs for both of you. I can understand how you feel I had a feral friend too named Mr. Fluff but I haven't seen him in ages. Pawhugs for you kitties.

  3. D & D...we are trooly soree ta lurn bout yur friend, she iz a veree beautiful girl....

  4. We are very sad that Mistrie Rose has gone to the Bridge. She had a good life in the Big Piney Woods on her own terms. We will miss her, the BPW girls were some of our very first friends.

  5. She was a very special girl who will be missed. :-(

  6. What a beautiful girl Mistrie Rose was. We're sad that she has gone to the Bridge, too.

  7. her passing was so tragic; she was so brave.


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