Friday, March 22, 2013

TGIF - Thank Goodness I'm Feline - Flashbacks

While we are complaining about the slow spring, maybe we should feel so bad about it. Mum remembers 5 years ago on March 21-22 that we got a whopper of a snow storm. It was a Friday and it was Good Friday, just before Easter.

Ducky didn't even exist yet, so it was just me and mum, watching the snow flakes flying.

Our snow was almost all gone, flashback #1.Then mother nature blessed us with more. Flashback #2 and Flashback #3

So while it is cold, at least the snow piles are not as deep. The weather guessers say it will be a bit warmer next week. So maybe this will help the melting.

Otherwise, we will nap. Otherwise, it is a grate time to nap or hang out in the sun. AT least we have sun!
Happy weekend.


  1. First!!
    We get more sun in the house this time of year so we spend a lot of time just basking in it!

  2. Yeah, we know we've had some bad starts to spring...but the mom says she remembers last year when it was 80 degrees on Palm Sunday. We're so tired of winter...we just get a little anxious for some good weather.

    Fortunately we have sun today too!!

  3. Thankfully we don't have snow, but we would love us some sunshine right now!

  4. I enjoyed your flashback and would sure enjoy some warm too!

  5. We are happy to be feline also then we never have to go out in the cold.
    Have a good weekend.
    Jada and Scully


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